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Get The Perfect Lawn

THE PERFECT LAWN EVERY TIME Follow these steps to create the Perfect Lawn with stripes to keep your castle looking crisp this Summer! There is one thing vital to creating perfect stripes on your lawn. Of course you need a decent functioning lawn mower (electic or petrol / diesel is fine) and a 1. DIRECTION garden with a healthy amount of grass (there's a spray for that), but the most important thing to remember is it's all about direction. When you mow the lawn, the grass gets cut, but it also gets pushed in the direction the mower is going. This affects the shade of green that you see; depending on which way the grass is bent, the grass will appear either lighter or darker to you. If the grass is bent away, you see more of the leaves of the grass, and there is a bigger surface area for light from the sun to reflect off. If the grass is bent towards you, you see more of the tips of the blades of grass, and the shadows beneath them caused by the sun shining from above, making it appear darker. Having the right sort of mower does actually make a difference to how well you can create stripes in your lawn. Cylinder lawn mowers and rotary lawn mowers 2. PERFECTING can both be used to create a striped effect. And mowers that have a rear roller are best at creating it. If you're not sure what type of mower you have, you can easily find out by searching online and comparing to your own. The next step is to begin mowing rows in opposing directions throughout the area you have marked out with the border line. When you get to the edge of a row, be careful not to damage the area you've already worked on by doing a 3-point turn in order to set yourself up to start the next row in the opposite direction. Continue and repeat until the entire area has been striped. Enjoy your new lawn this summer! INFOGRAPHIC BY FOR MORE ADVICE: Abrey Agricultural wwW.ABREYAGRICULTURAL.COM/BLOG

Get The Perfect Lawn

shared by edgedigital on Jun 16
Have you ever walked past a perfectly well kept, trimmed and striped lawn and wished yours looked like that? There are only a few simple steps to follow!


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