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The Future of Renewable Energy

& FUTURE RENEWABLE GROWTH Energy EVOLUTION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY Wind power alone produces 163 Twh of electricity in a year, or 4.8% of total E.U. power demand 2009 Renewable energy accounts for 62% of new power generating capacity in Europe. Fukushima nuclear disaster renews interest in safer, renewable energy 2011 2011 The European Commission announces commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% by 2050 Renewable energy provides 8* of electricity generation in the U.S. 2007 Chernobyl nuclear disaster casts doubt on nuclear as a "clean" energy source 1986 1980s 1914-1918 1939-1945 California is first to demonstrate utility-scale concentrated solar power with a 1MW solar power World War I & World War II spurs technology growth, including creative military exploration of renewable energy sources station 1972 Think tank Club of Rome publishes report on Earth's finite energy resources POSITIVE TRENDS 15% The net energy imported by the U.S. has decreased by 15% since 2012 10% UNITED STATES There has been an almost DECREASED 10% decrease in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions since 2005 INCREASED 77% The number of U.S. population who benefit from PACE programs 13% 31 States and the District of Columbia 31 In 2013, renewable energy provided 13% of U.S. electricity generation - a 12% increase from 2012 currently benefit from legislation enabling financing energy efficiency through Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs STATES WORLD 138 30 Globally, Worldwide, at least 30 countries have shares of renewable energy 138 countries have defined renewable energy targets with support policies in place in 127 above 20% countries 1,470 GW $260 - $290 BILLION In 2012, the total renewable power capacity worldwide exceeded 1,470 GW The current total estimate of investments in renewable energy and are projected to continue to increase every year through 2020 2011 2012 19% 21.7% As of 2011, renewable energy supplies nearly 19% of global final energy consumption Renewable energy comprised over 26% of global generating capacity & supplied about 21.7% of global electricity ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY QUINONE COSTS VANADIUM ION ENERGY STORAGE $27/1kWh $81/1kWh Harvard research team has found a molecule called Quinone that can be used in a flow battery at 1/3 the cost of the vanadium ions (which costs $81 per 1kw hour of electricity) used in other flow 23 batteries Look Ma, SOLAR POWER no fvel! O Solar-powered Aircraft The company Solar Impulse set a record for over 26 hours of flying without fuel for a manned flight and 2 weeks of flying without fuel for an unmanned flight ARIMPULSE ACROSS AMERICA THIS AIRCRAFT HAS FLOWN FOR OVER 26 HOURS WITHOUT FUEL Concentrated Solar Concentrated Solar Power has the ability Power (CSP) could simply utilize a combination of advancements to store excess output unlike many other current renewable energies because electricity is generated by heat like molten salt heat transfer fluid and multi-tower fields to reduce costs by 10-20% by 2015 ENERGY STORAGE HEAT ENERGY VS ELECTRICITY IN BATTERIES 20 - 100X MORE COST-EFECTIVE 90% ENERGY CONVERSION EFFICACY STORAGE STORAGE STORING HEAT ENERGY ELECTRICITY IN BATTERIES O Organic Solar PV (OPV) cells are built using carbon unlike CSP which uses silicon or copper Heliatek has achieved a world record 12% cell efficiency for organic solar cells, which have the added benefit of increasing efficiency with rising temperatures and decreasing solar irradiation when other solar cells would normally lose efficiency They remain optimistic to achieve a 15% cell efficiency by 2015 and have begun developments to integrate the organic solar films in glass for eventual construction in buildings MIT researchers believe OPV windows in skyscrapers could provide over 25% of the building's energy needs without otherwise changing any design or infrastructure TIDAL POWER A combined total of 517 MW is generated through 4 tidal range plants that capture the kinetic energy of the tidal system WIND POWER Building blades from carbon fiber and advanced fabric will reduce weight, allowing the blades to spin at lower wind speeds 17,500 kWh/year Airsynergy has created a small wind turbine encased in a shroud which is designed to produce about 17,500kWh annually, or the equivalent of electricity requirements for 2 homes for up to 1 year JOB GROWTH UNITED STATES 80,700 70,400 Number of wind energy workers in over 550 manufacturing facilities, according to 2012 US wind industry report Jobs in the biopower industry with an expected 400,677 jobs to be added 142,698 200,000 - 300,000 Number of solar workers in the US Jobs operating in the hydropower industry during 2013 - a 19.9% increase from 2012, which is ten times higher than the national average of 1.9% 25,000 15.6% 380,000 Jobs in the geothermal industry Jobs in the energy efficiency services industry with a potential for 1.3 million jobs created by 2030 or as many as 1.9 million through 2050 Expected employment growth throughout 2014 WORLD 5.7 MILLION RECRUITMENT Global estimate on the number of people who work directly or indirectly in renewable energy 60% Said technical expertise were important to them when recruiting staff 70% 50,000 Said technical academic credentials were important to them when recruiting staff Total number of trained wind energy workers that will be needed by 2030 7,000 8 78% Of wind industry professionals Current shortage of qualified workers in the European wind energy sector each year, which could rise to 15,000 by 2030 if there isn't an increase in report finding it difficult or very difficult to find suitably trained staff industry graduates || Index deal-to sell wind-turbines 29482658.html NJIT. americas-energytransformation com20130614isconcentrating-solar-power-the-technology-that saves-humanity New Jersey Institute of Technology Tidal Power Station Venture Capital Energy Eficient by Michael Thompson from The Noun Project by TrentoFuckingCity from The Noun Project by Sarah Abraham from The Noun Project Transmission Towor by Andres Arenas from The Noun Project Solar Paneks Interview OPV Windows offshore Wind Turbines Engineer Sustainable Energy by Petr Holusa from The Noun Project Transmission Tower by Olivier Guin trom The Noun Project Wanted by Yarden Gilboa from The Noun Project Wind Turbines Organic PV Solar Power Aircraft by Benni from The Noun Project CSP EVOLUTION OF Pres. Obama announces ommitment to reduce U.S 600 SO00 The U.S. begins an greenhouse gas emission by 17* by 2020 energy transformation 1954 First high-power Silicon solar cell is developed with a max efficiency of 6* and costing $286/watt SOURCES

The Future of Renewable Energy

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In 2014, major debates and discussions surrounding climate change and green living in the United States has placed an unprecedented focus on renewable energy. The future growth in the renewable energy...


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