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Five Water Purification Designs

WATER PURIFICATION DESIGNS for DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Quick Facts 2.5 billion people LACK ACCESS 10% global DISEASE burden COULD BE PREVENTED 748 ORUNPROTECTED people rely on CONTAMINATED TO IMPROVED BILLION SANITATION facilities with improved water supply and sanitation DMILLION WATER sources OF THE Water Related Diseases CAUSED BY BACTERIA & VIRUSES CAUSED BY ORGANISMS CAUSED BY OTHER AGENTS ANEMIA CAMPYLOBACTERIOSIS Infection of gastrointestinal tract. ASCARIASIS Infection caused by ascaris lumbricoides, a large roundworm Infections like malaria are significant contributors in addition to iron deficiency CHOLERA Infection of intestine caused by the bacteria vibrio cholerae; 50% of people with DENGUE Mosquito-borne infection - Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is potentially lethal ARSENICOSIS Arsenic poisoning from drinking water rich in arsenic untreated severe cholera die CYANOBACTERIAL TOXINS MALARIA FLUOROSIS Blue-green algae that some species of release toxins Parasitic infectious disease Caused by excess fluoride; long-term ingestion can lead to skeletal problems transmitted by mosquitoes which breed in water HEPATITIS An inflammation of the liver; Hepatitis A & E can be transmitted through water ONCHOCERCIASIS Disease caused by thin parasitic worm that lives up to 14 years in human body; Transmitted by blackfly; LEAD POISONING Excess of exposure to lead through water LEPTOSPIROSIS Infection caused by the bacteria leptospira METHAEMOGLOBINEMIA Can cause blindness Decreased ability of blood to carry oxygen caused by nitrate in drinking water RINGWORM (TINEA) TRACHOMA Contagious skin disease caused by fungus Infection of the eyes caused by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatis SCABIES TYPHOID FEVER Infection caused by the bacteria salmonella typhi Contagious skin disease caused by microscopic mites SCHISTOSOMIASIS Parasitic infectious disease caused by 3 species of flatworm Water Purification Solutions - UV RAYS * THE CONCEPT UV Waterworks is a system that uses of electricity to CamelBak's 25 ounce All Clear water 60 WATIS power a UV lamp bottle turns UV light ray on the water for 1 minute, CLEANING % of bacteria, 99.97 viruses, protozoa. to DISINFECT WATER. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES CamelBak's bottle - Portable, easy to use, only takes 1 MINUTE to get clean, drinkable water, and UV ray bulb lasts for 10,000 CYCLES, or enough energy to clean 3 liters of water a day for almost 7 years. CamelBak's bottle COSTS $99, intended for recreation use, and does not purify other water, such as for cleaning or cooking, and has LIMITED SANITATION APPLICATIONS. UV Waterworks REQUIRES ELECTRICITY or power source, like a UV Waterworks - Disinfects 4 GALLONS of water A MINUTE and car battery or solar cell. can provide safe drinking WATER FOR NEARLY 2000 PEOPLE. SOLAR PURIFICATION **) THE CONCEPT Solar disinfection (SODIS) is used to disinfect water in water bottles by EXPOSING glass or plastic bottles with WATER TO THE SUN FOR 6 HOURS- 2 DAYS -up to> IF SUNNY IF CLOUDY MIT installed a SOLAR POWERED SYSTEM that powers pumps PUSHING WATER through filtration membranes. O ADVANTAGES O DISADVANTAGES SODIS - LIMITED water VOLUME, BOTTLES, NO COST, SIMPLE TO USE. LENGTH OF TIME to treat water, LARGE SUPPLY OF BOTTLES SODIS - Can use RECYCLED required, may need to PRETREAT water of higher turbidity. MIT's Solar System - Produces about 1,000 LITERS of drinking water, enough to supply water to the nearby village's 450 RESIDENTS, at the cost of 20 liters for less than 1 person. MIT's Solar System – Requires system to be BUILT, community members are trained to MAINTAIN THE SYSTEM, change out filters, and replace additives in the water CERAMIC FILTERS *) THE CONCEPT CERAMIC IS USED AS A FILTER, opanelion often in 1, conjunction with other filtration methods like CARBON AND COLLÓDIAL SILVER. Ceramic filters are available as buckets (WATERİSLIFE) or ceramics produced by LOCAL MANUFACTURERS. O ADVANTAGES P DISADVANTAGES Proven REDUCTION OF BACTERIA NOT AS AND PROTOZOA in water. EFFECTIVE AGAINST VIRUSES. No chlorine residual protection - can lead to RE-CONTAMINATION. SIMPLICITY of use and ACCEPTABILITY. LOW ONE-TIME COST TO MAKE. ONLY produces 1-3 LITERS PER HOUR for non-turbid water. 00 FILTERS CAN BREAK over time and must be CLEANED REGULARLY. WATER PURIFYING BICYCLE **) THE CONCEPT Power a filtration system through the pedaling of a bicycle. CycloClean bicycles are built with a PURIFYING CASE attached to the rear seat of the bike and comes with 4 FILTERS AND 2 HOSES. O ADVANTAGES O DISADVANTAGES A CycloClean bicycle can process 5 LITERS IN 1 MINUTE. INTENDED FOR EMERGENCY USE. FILTERS will need to be REPLACED. PORTABLE, allows access to destinations difficult COST IS MUCH HIGHER to travel to by vehicle. than other purification methods. Water can be used for DRINKING, HYGIENE, AND SANITATION. PERSONAL FILTER STRAWS THE CONCEPT A PORTABLE PURIFICATION SYSTEM IN A THICK STRAW that includes internal filtration components such as membranes, iodized crystals, and carbon. Filters 800 LITERS O 1,000 LITERS of contaminated water into safe drinking water. (WATERISLIFE STRAW) (LIFESTRAW) DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES PORTABLE. The straws only LAST ABOUT 1 YEAR. VERY EASY TO USE. Does NOT PURIFY other water, such as for CLEANING OR COOKING, and has LIMITED SANITATION APPLICATIONS. Can be used as an EMERGENCY OR DISASTER RELIEF TOOL. Requires NO ELECTRICAL POWER or replacement parts. Sources UF ONLINE UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA

Five Water Purification Designs

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 748 million people lack access to uncontaminated drinking water sources. Moreover, WHO estimates that 1.8 billion people use a fecally contaminated dr...


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