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Fishbone Cactus

How to Propagate Fishbone Cactus Propagating Fishbone Cactus can be done in 4 ways . STEM CUTTINGS IN WATER : ● • Cut 3-4 inch stem cutting from a healthy plant . • Allow to dry and callous . • Place in water vessel with the cut end in water . • Wait for root growth , and transfer to the soil after 3 - inch roots form . ● DIVISION IN SOIL : STEM CUTTINGS IN SOIL : Remove Fishbone Cactus from original pot . Gently separate root systems . • Plant in new pots with soil . • Water after transplanting to establish roots . • Cut 3-4 inch stem cutting from healthy plant . • Plant directly in soil . ● • Keep slightly moist and in bright indirect light . • Wait for new growth to indicate root formation . LEAF CUTTINGS WITH AERIAL ROOTS : • Choose a leaf with aerial roots . ● • Place the leaf on the soil in a new pot with aerial roots facing down • Keep the soil moist and in bright light , and cut off the original leaf from parent plant after 3-4 weeks . Potted Exotics

Fishbone Cactus

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The fishbone cactus (Disocactus anguliger) is an original and easy to grow indoor plant. Its name comes from the shape of its succulent stems, which resemble fish skeletons with serrated teeth. This t...


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