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First World Problems: There's Nothing To Drink But Clean, Filtered Water!

First World Problems THERE'S NOTHING TO DRINK BUT CLEAN, FILTERED Water! POTABLE WATER IS FOUND IN GROUNDWATER AQUIFERS, RIVERS, AND FRESHWATER I ES. Of all the water on the earth, humans can only use about less than 1% fresh water - Misc.- şoil moisture, atmosphere, ground ice & permafrost WATER, three tenths water OF A PERCENT everywhere Oceans, Seas & Bays Groundwater Ice caps & glaciers of this water ------- 96.5% the world's A TERRARIUM CALLED EARTH: why water is perfect water supply PH OF 7: PERFECTLY NEUTRAL Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic. WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS: 1 in. - 7,000 30 OR NEARLY 60' x 180' ON A of raindrops tons gallons piece of land THIRD WORLD around -700000 FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS AFRICAN CHILDREN DIE EVERY YEAR 783 from diarrhea caused by unsafe water & poor sanitation MILLION people in the world do not have access to safe water that's 2,000 CHÍLDREN A DAY causing more deaths of children than AIDS, malaria & measles combined this is roughly, 1a10 2.5 Calmost OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION TWO FIFTHS BILLION people in the world do not have access to adequate sanitation OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION so be THANKFUL NOT WASTEFUL In a typical home, more than 9,000 are wasted while running the faucet waiting for hot water. GALLONS OF WATER In the UK, the expansion of 20% WATER AND SANITATION 'if a drip Check for a leak by placing food coloring in the tank. Wait 15 from your facet fills an 8 OZ. GLASS IN 15 MINUTES minutes and if colored INFRASTRUCTURE water appears in the bowl, you have a leak. Most likely you need to replace the rubber flapper in the tank. in the 1880's contributed to a 15 OF ALL YEAR INCREASE IN LIFE EXPECTANCY IN THE FOLLOWING 4 DECADES toilets LEAK it will waste 180 In the UK, WATER LOSSES THROUGH LEAKAGE GALLONS PER MONTH ACCOUNT FOR THE LARGEST USE OF PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Our water usage puts pressure on our water supply. More efficient and sustainable ways of using water in order to have a secure water supply are needed. vOL CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT OU Ony USE WHAT YOU NEED WHAT WE NEED PHYSICALLY a healthy person R a day, CAN DRINK ABOUT roughly, 70 but SHOULD CUPS OF WATER CONSUME Drink too much water: hyponatremia- low sodium levels in the blood Drink too little water: symptoms of dehydration- fatigue, headache, hunger, low blood pressure. 2:13 PERCENT of an adult's body is made up of CUPS A DAY by the time a person feels water thirsty his or her body has already lost over 1*of its total water amount Caffeine can act as a mild diuretic, preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body. WHAT IS USED VS. WHAT SHOULD BE USED only wash 18.9 Turning off the faucet while or can save FULL LOADS OF LAUNDRY liters of water/day or adjust the water level SHAVING BRUSHING YOUR TEETH FOR THE LOAD SIZE If fixtures in your house were installed before 1980, they are not water-saving devices and you should consider replacing them: how much traditional plumbing uses how much efficient plumbing uses toilets account for about З0-40% 20 OF DOMESTIC WATER USE LITERS / FLUSH LITERS / FLUSH or less toilet long showers can use 25 9.5 MORE WATER THAN A BATH LITERS / MINUTE LITERS / MINUTE shower tap 10 Always turn water off when not needed while brushing teeth or shaving LITERS / MINUTE LITERS / MINUTE basin tap PLUMBING as the SOLUTION Copper piping, which is the #1 MATERIAL USED FOR PLUMBING WORK IN TODAY'S WORLD, Egyptians A USED TO LAY THEIR OWN PIPE- 3,000 years ago! is the same material that the A low flush toilet CAN SAVE UP TO 18,000 gallons of water per year NEED A PLUMBER QUICKLY? PLUMBER24HOURS.CO.UK Sourees: http://ga.water.usgs gov/edu/earthhowmuch.html 28268, html we do/statistics/default.asp http://gawater.usgs gov/edu/earthhowmuch.htmlátistícs/environment/green-economy/septbio wateruse facts, html bathrooms-kitehens.html Facts.pdf http://www.hartfordsdus/index.asp?Type-B_BASIC&SEC-%7B041éF8F CA13-4E7B-A825-4EC6DC6F6216%7D&DE-7BE646920B A24i 4751-95CA 6168SÅC336A1%7D DEVÉLOPED BY N NOWSOURCING LO LO

First World Problems: There's Nothing To Drink But Clean, Filtered Water!

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 20
People seem to forget that we have what appears to be an endless supply of water.


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