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First-Time Homeowners: Energy Efficiency Tips for Extra Savings

AMBITENERGY' FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNERS: ENERGY EFFICIENCY TIPS V HOME ENERGY AUDIT Owning a home for the first time can be • A home energy audit is a thorough energy checkup that pinpoints inefficiencies in your home. overwhelming. One item on the long list of things to do when moving into a new home is to address its energy efficiency. Take these • An energy technician will go through a series of tests and inspections to target energy drains. simple steps to make your home as energy efficient as it can possibly be. Upgrading your home to save energy can put anywhere from of your energy 5 to 30% bill in your pocket. SEAL LEAKS • Add insulation with a high R-Value to your attic (R-38, or about 10-14 inches, is the recommended level for most attics). • Inspect your basement and crawlspaces for holes. • In a typical house, about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks and poorly connected ducts. Properly seal them for savings. • Install weatherstripping to windows and doors, and caulk stationary cracks and gaps. HEATING AND COOLING WATER • The typical household spends approximately 54 percent of its utility bills on heating and cooling costs. • Your water heater eats up as much as 25% of your annual energy costs. • Lower the water heater temperature in your home to 120° F. • Upgrading your heating and cooling systems could cut your annual energy bill by nearly $200. • Installing low-flow showerheads will help you save up to $145 annually by reducing electric water heater usage. НOME ENERGY CREDITS LIGHTING • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLS (Compact Fluorescent Light). • Homeowners may qualify for a tax credit for installing such features as energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation, water heaters, air conditioning • CFLS use about 75 percent less energy and last seven to 10 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs systems and roofs. • Review potential energy efficiency credits before filing your tax return. • With a CFL, you will save about $52 dollars per 60-watt equivalent over the bulb's lifetime. Sources:

First-Time Homeowners: Energy Efficiency Tips for Extra Savings

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Often, first-time homeowners have a lot to learn when it comes to maintaining a new home. Although the responsibilities may seem overwhelming at first, following expert advice can make the process eas...


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