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Fighting Climate Change

ighting Climate Change Between 1990 to 2005, the global forest area shrank at an annual rate of 0.2 per cent. Africa, Latin America and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS) and other ozone depleting substances raise up to the stratosphere where they react with solar radiation to produce substances that destroy ozone molecules in the protective stratospheric layer. They are slow to disappear and thus pose a huge problem to eliminate. Stratospheric depletion are largely affecting the poles. Antarctica is hit the hardest. In Carribean suffers the greatest. On the other hand, Europe saw its forest area expand. Asia's forest area remain largely unchanged. Primary forest area are largely on the decline while there has been a growth in semi-natural forests in recent years. More and more areas are designated for protection as countries begin to recognize their ecosystem contributions. The greatest direct human pressure on the climate system arises from the emission of greenhouse gases. Most important of 2006, it extended over 29 million sqaure kilometres. The Artic was not hit as hard as the south pole. whch is the emission of carbon dixoide. Another major contender is methane. These Marine and inland fish stocks have been largely on a decline due to unsustain- able consumption, habitat degradation due to oil spills and global climate change. These factors lead to a huge loss on biodiversity. Many fish stocks have been exploited to the point of irreplacability. Even the deep sea dwellers are also not spared. Examples include the deepwater sharks. pollutants affect the heat balance on the Earth's surface. As thus, extreme weather conditions can be witnessed by man today. Take 2003 heat wave in the summer of Europe where over 30000 people are estimated prema- ture death. (O2 (O2

Fighting Climate Change

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In this infographic, provides awareness on the more important indicators of climate changing. This shows the degree of worsening or improvement of each indicator.


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