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Fast Fashion Toxic Facts

FAST FASHION WHAT IS THE TRUE COST OF THE CHEAP CLOTHING WE BUY? 2nd MOST TOXIC INDUSTRY Fashion & Textiles are the world's second dirtiest industries after oil THE TOXIC FACTS 9.7 BILLION The worlds population is estimated to reach over 9.7 billion people by 2050 120 ITEMS OF CLOTHING The average woman in America has 120 items of clothing in her wardrobe 50 BILLION By 2050 women in America will own over 50 billion items of clothing 575 BILLION$ The U.S. and Europe are the largest consumers of fashion with the retail market worth 575 billion USD in 2012 35% OF ALL CLOTHING & TEXTILES ARE MADE IN CHINA In 2012 over 150 billion USD of clothing was exported from China 46.3 BILLION GARMENTS China made 46 billion garments 4.63 MILLION CONTAINERS A 20ft. container carrying an average of 10,000 pcs equals 4.63 million containers on ships powered by low grade dirty bunker fuel 40% OF ALL 2.4% OF THE WORLD'S IS COTTON i CROPLANDS CLOTHING Cotton accounts for 40% of 2.4% of the world's croplands all clothing are planted with cotton 2.6% OF THE WORLD'S WATER Growing cotton uses 2.6% of our water 700 GALLONS To produce a single T-shirt it takes 700 gallons of water 17-20% INDUSTRIAL WATER POLLUTION Textile dying and treatment accounts for 17-20% of industrial water pollution 10% OF ALL AGRICULTURAL EE CHEMICALS The growing of cotton consumes 10% of all the agricultural chemicals 25% OF INSECTICIDES The growing of cotton uses 25% of the world's insecticides 4% OF LANDFILLS 4% of the world's landfills are filled with clothing and textiles SOURCES: www JECCoŠ¾per Icons courtesy of, maps courtesy of

Fast Fashion Toxic Facts

shared by julian2 on Apr 09
What is the costs of fast fashion? An infographic that reveals the toxic facts of how Fast Fashion and cheap disposable clothing is impacting on our ever increasingly fragile environment. Highlighte...


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