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Facts About Recycling Paper

FACTSABOUT RECYCLING PAPER 73% When paper is made from recycled materials it produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials. 12.5 MG tonnes of paper and cardboard is used in the UK every year. 38KG = %3D It takes 24 trees to create 1TONNE The average amount of newspapers a person gets through in a year. of paper. THE RECYCLING PROCESS STEP1 Paper is collected sorted and graded. STEP 2 At the chemical mill it is made into a pulp in a tank full of water and chemicals that separate the fibres. BANK 00 STEP 3 Debris such as paper clips are filtered out. STEP 4 The ink is taken out as the paper is spun in a cone-shaped piece of equipment. STEP 5 Whitening agent is added and the pulp is placed in the paper machine. STEP 6 It's passed over a vibrating screen to remove most of the water then passed through heated rollers to achieve the correct thickness and moisture content. STEP 7 The reels are packed and stored until they're despatched at the printers. A HOmesHREDUK - the home of shredding WWW.HOMESHREDUK.CO.UK Sources:

Facts About Recycling Paper

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This infographic shows key statistics about recycling paper and an explanation of hpw the recycling process works.




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