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The Evolution of Food Packaging

THE EVOLUTION OF FOOD PACKAGING 8,000 TO 10,000 20,000 YEARS AGO Indigenous people used natural materials such as dried gourds, shells, hollow logs, and leaves to package their food and transport it over small YEARS AGO Ceramics began to come into use in the Middle East, expanding the possibilities when it came to storage and transportation. distances. 5,000 YEARS AGO According to archaeologists that have unearthed Egyptian tombs, food storage became even more complex when the Egyptian people started to use wood barrels, crates, and 3,500 YEARS AGO The mass production of ceramics, the • invention of the pottery wheel, and the widespread use of pottery enabled boxes for storage. 2,500 YEARS AGO cultures to transport perishables further than ever before. Glass containers came into prominence when the Syrians developed glass blowing. Combined with various forms of sealing glass, this method of food packaging brought transportation and preservation to new levels. 2,000 YEARS AGO Paper-like fibers began to be used for various forms of wrapping and packaging. 1958 Heat shrinkable plastic 1930 -195O Foam 1950s Aluminum foil and cans 1973 PET Bottle 1950 Cellulose packaging Focus on 'Earth-Friendly packaging" CRADLE TO CRADLE CM Packaging that considers the whole process of product development, use, and reuse. cradletocrad Greater Emphasis on biodegradable packaging CONSUMER INSIGHT FOR PACKAGING CLEAN MACHINE DESIGN Companies recognize the importance of consumer insights for packaging and how it can vary, and expect more data from suppliers. Helps drive OEM growth and meet new regulations. SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING AND FLEXIBLE PACKAGING WASTE TO VALUE PROPOSITIONS Growing in new markets and categories globally. Definitions will be clarified and become more universal. Be Green Orine Buaness to-Busness Pacegno IPACKAGING LLC Sources: http:/ History-of-Food-Service Packaginglid-7081960 manufacturng/top-9-packaging trends-2013 http/ 2rCalLfor_universal SE2s80%S8greenKE2%80R99 packaging label.tri?goback2Egde_3723009 member_50572614 THE BEGINNING OF FOOD PACKAGING NOTABLE 2OTH CENTURY ADVANCEMENTS TRENDS IN THE PAST TEN YEARS TRENDS IN 2013

The Evolution of Food Packaging

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The Evolution of Food Packaging shows the history of food packaging as well as the trends that exist today.


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