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Environmental Benefits of Choosing Eco Furniture

GREEN FURNITURE The Benefits of Eco-Furniture The perfect outdoor furniture should be comfortable, functional, and environmentally-friendly. Eco-Friendly Furniture Materials As designers and manufacturers find innovative ways to bridge the gap between functionality and sustainability, new materials are shaping today's furniture. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lumber About 28% of HDPE milk jugs and water bottles are recycled. A commonly-used plastic found in the U.S. milk jugs and detergent Longevity: Non-absorbent, will not rot, splinter, crack, or peel, and resistant to fading. bottles, also known as #2 plastic. HDPE's rigidity and strength make it Maintenance: Clean with soap and water an ideal manufacturing product. Production: No harmful emissions during production Over 50% of aluminum produced in the U.S. is recycled. Longevity: Lightweight and rust-resistant Aluminum Maintenance: Can be used in any climate Parts can re-enter the recycling stream at the end of their lifespa Production: Recycling aluminum only requires 6% of the energy used to mine it from nature Bamboo A fast-growing plant that requires little to no pesticides to Longevity: Durable and versatile grow. Also, a very pliable material that can be flattened, Maintenance: Keep away from excessive moisture Production: It takes about 5 years to re-grow after being cut, compared to 50 years for hardwood sliced, and molded to furniture. 3 - 4 feet: the length some species of bamboo can grow in a day, in good soil and climate conditions. Certain bamb0o species grow as tall as 150 feet in only 6 weeks. Traditional Outdoor Furniture Tropical hardwoods were commonly used for outdoor furniture in the U.S. Because the demand for this raw material increased over time, tropical habitats became overharvested and some species were eradicated. Maintenance Requires sealing and oiling for preservation Production The demand can drive deforestation in Longevity Susceptible to rot and discoloration South and Southeast Asia teak Rainforest woods such as: mahogany jatoba Deterioration: More than 137 types of plants and animals were terminated Sun, wind, water, fire, and certain chemicals can affect by the destruction of rainforest trees. wooden furniture Benefits of Eco-Friendly Furniture: Cost-effective Prevent Deforestation Wood alternatives can help to preserve Affordable alternatives to wood and protect the environment Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process Non-toxic, renewable materials Not made from byproducts that Harmless to your health as well release harmful chemicals in the air as the environment With more manufacturers choosing eco-friendly materials and processes, we'll have plenty of "green" options to choose from that are also stylish and comfortable. Trex Outdoor Furniture

Environmental Benefits of Choosing Eco Furniture

shared by alanw4 on Apr 17
Did you know there’s such a thing as green furniture? Eco-friendly furniture is helping the environment one chair at a time.


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