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Energy Showdown: UK vs Europe

Energy Showdown UK vs Europe With an area of million square miles Europe claims around 2% of the world's landmass and consumes an enormous 19 trillion kWh of energy each year. So, how do the big players in Europe compare to each other, is the UK falling behind in the energy race and are our energy prices really that big? Total Annual Energy Consumption Spain 1.4T UK 2.4T France 2.9T EU 19T EU ave. 709B Germany 3.5T Italy 1.9Ť * in kilowatt hours (kWh) T= Trillion B = Billion Energy Prices 1. kWh öf gas can run one small radiator for 1 HOUR O EU Ave EU Ave O UK O UK 2009 10 11 2009 10 11 Gas / kWh Electricity /kWh Italy € 0.088 Germany € 0.253 2 France € 0.065 Spain € 0.209 3 Germany € 0.064 3 Italy € 0.208 EU Average € 0.064 4 EU Average € 0.184 5 Spain € 0.054 UK € 0.158 UK € 0.052 6. France € 0.142 Economic Ratio It's easy to see who is using the most energy but who is making the most from it? Who is the best at turning coal, oil, gas and renewables into money and Gross Domestic Product? The smaller the circle the better in this case. Germany 1.4 kWh/€ France 1.5 kWh/€ UK 27 1.3 kWh/€ Large population creates a larger GDP but Germany (and France) could be more efficient about how they create their economic might Italy 1.2 kWh/€ Spain 1.3 kWh/€ 22 46 63 81 Population (millions) * smaller bubbles are better as it means the country is more effective and converting energy into money Efficient Things Source: Designed by Simon at GDP per person (Thousand Euros) Gas 32 Electricity

Energy Showdown: UK vs Europe

shared by tanakasan1734 on Oct 25
Given all the talk in the media recently about energy prices and their continued rise we thought it might be fun to see how the UK compares to the rest of Europe and to see if government measures rela...


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