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Energy Efficient Data Centers

peer1 hosting INFOGRAPHICS SERIES iiililtulull. The Facts Behind Today's Leading Internet Technology ENERGY EFFICIENT Data Centres 5 UNDERSTANDING POWER USAGE FOR DATA CENTRES Data centres are the fastest-growing energy vacuums in the IT industry in the UK, Europe, and beyond. As data centres grow larger to store the world's data, their energy use is growing, too. 31 GIGAWATTS Up TOTAL GLOBAL 56% POWER USAGE from 2005. KEU TOTAL POWER USAGE IN EUROPE Currently: 46 Terawatt 100 million 100-watt lightbulbs burning 24/7, 365 days a year hours Future: 93 Terawatt hours by 2020 Utilising more environmentally-friendly power sources is tremendously important for the data centre industry. Using renewable energy saves money, conserves natural resources, and contributes to keeping our planet cleaner for a longer period of time. WHAT MAKES A DATA CENTRE GREEN? • Resources: using energy, water, and materials as efficiently as possible and more efficiently than other buildings. • Impact: Reducing the impact Don people and the environment. • Energy: Using alternate forms of energy, like wind or solar power. GREENPEACE KEEPS SCORE |In its Clean Cloud Power Report Card, Greenpeace grades leading global IT brands on energy usage. Industry leader, provider of many cloud-based computing and storage services, does not divulge the energy consumption- of its data centres. Recently, Apple relocated its data to North Carolina, a state known for its cheap and dirty coal-powered energy. Google facebook Greenpeace reports that Facebook fails to use electricity responsibly. Furthermore, Facebook has offices in Like many of its fellow IT powerhouses, Google does not reveal details of its data operations. Greenpeace alleges that Google has closer to 20 or 30 data centres than the seven reported. coal-rich North Carolina and Oregon. HP and IBM get high marks from Greenpeace for disclosing their electricity footprint. IEM At THEY'VE GOT THE GREEN THUMB Many companies are already practising green power usage, and it is to be hoped their example will be followed by others. Verne Global built a new data centre in Iceland powered only by renewable energy sources. The carbon-neutral data centre uses energy from Iceland's renewable power grid. Iceland's ambient temperatures are used to cool the server rack and data cabinet units. Interxion's data centre in London is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The renewable energy is sourced from wind, hydropower, and biomass. Interxion operates 28 data centres in 11 European countries. It changed to renewable energy as part of its commitment to customers to be transparent about energy usage. Microsoft adopted a green strategy with its Dublin office. It uses advanced energy-efficient technology The company complied with the EU Code of Conduct for Green Data Centers in building this facility. It uses 50% less energy than the typical data centre. Advantage Interactive's energy-efficient data centre in the UK uses selective cooling to keep energy costs low. The more-than-1,200-square-metre building is a secure, energy-efficient facility. Advantage Interactive cools its data centre by using external air during the winter months. PEER 1 Hosting's Data Centre the UK's newest & greenest 5,388-square-metre building with 10MW power capacity Excool air economizers in place providing a full capacity PUE* of 1.1 TOTAL FACILITY POWER PUE*= IT EQUIPMENT POWER Also, the data centre has a Secondary chilled water based cooling system on site, "Free Cooling" heat exchangers to push heat out and cool air in, and the temperature and humidity are maintained at 17.7 to 25°C and 40 to 60% respectively. IS STANDARDISATION POSSIBLE? In 2010, the United States, Europe, and Japan worked together to develop standards for green data centres. EUROPE The effort was led by Green Grid (an industry consortium in the U.S.) and backed by the U.S. Department of Energy: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the European Union Code of Conduct, and Japan's Ministry of Economy. The standards call for Power Usage E calculated by dividing the amount of energy consumed by a data centre by the amount of energy used to power its IT equipment (equation ectiveness, or PUE. This is displayed in the equation in the section above.) Microsoft and Google already use PUE and wider adoption is expected across the industry. HOW TO "GREENIFY" Your Data Centre OChoose a warehouse-type building with a high roof for greater airflow. O Use chillers and high-ventilation air conditioning units. OInclude only chilled fluid plumbing systems. O Recycle. Include alternative energy sources. O Look at powering down servers during downtime. MOVING TO Greener Pastures Conseruing energy is the key to going green. Moving from energy sources that threaten our environment to greener options, such as solar power, can be achieved by: using management tools, energy-tracking, and proactively changing habits. Sources predicts-global-data-center-energy-120317458.html 100-renewably- http://www. powered-data-centre-800754496/ ntp//www.datacemennowieeconvan prototype-for-co publications/climate/2011/cool%20it/dirty-data-report-greenpeace.pdf btta/bunw.coms p/ 100-renewably-powered-data-centre-800754496/ centre-to-use-renewable-energy-38462 power-growth-35777 -for-cow-powered-data-center/ studies/greening-the-dublin-data-center.aspx standard-agreed-by-us-japan-and-europe/ 8/measurement%20of%20data%20centre%20power%20 consumption.pdf en-Grid-Data-Center-Power-Efficiency-Metrics-PUE-and-DCIE.aspx

Energy Efficient Data Centers

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In this infographic, find out how global IT brands like IBM, Facebook, and Apple rank on Greenpeace's Clean Cloud Power Report Card–you'll be very surprised who received a "D". You'll also also lear...


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