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Energy Consumption Over a Lifetime

Energy Consumption Over a Lifetime | WellHome. Improve the weather inside. A visual look at what it means to be a human consumer in terms of goods, food, energy, and other resources. Lifetime Carbon Emissions (total amount, what this is equiv to) CO2 00 Lifetime Food Consumption (broken down by type) *Assumes life of 75 years (900 Months) The Average lifetime CO? footprint is 1,500 tons of CO? (based on living 75 years) This is roughly 215 Elephants and roughly 834, 000 cubic meters of CO'or 2.Fruits & Veggies 53,025 lbs 14,625 lbs 1.Grains 14,925 lbs Milk roughly 1/2 the volume of Giants Stadium 3.Meat & Fish 4.Dairy 44,475 lbs 11,400 lbs Lifetime Energy Consumption (KWh, what this is equiv to) 5.Sweeteners 6.Fats & Oils 5,587 Ibs Equal to 5.6232 MJ of energy which is equal to energy potential of: Total: 144,037 Ibs of food consumed in one persons lifetime 00 562,500 kwh/lifetime 0.00000175 kg 0.017847025 228 tons Lifetime Food Waste (total in energy consumption of antimatter 4957507 kg of coal 14.6% 29.6% 34.6% of Uranium waste, and cost of that waste) Lifetime Gasoline (Gallons and Cost) Millk *Assumes life of 75 years (900 Months) 1.Grains 4,140lbs 7,762lbs 2.Fruits & Veggies 3.Meat & Fish 2,340lbs 4,950lbs 3,375lbs CO2 11.1% 16.0% 27.7% 4.Dairy 5.Sweeteners 6.Fats & Oils 1,935lbs Total: 24,502 Ibs of food waste in one persons lifetime Avg. person buys 590 gallons of gas/year amounting to nearly 35,000 gallons of Number of trees This results in roughly 84,735kg of CO' emissions needed to offset CO? Consumption is gas over a lifetime roughly 242* over a lifetime' (assuming driving ages 16-75) Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. III . ..

Energy Consumption Over a Lifetime

shared by Angel on Mar 27
Day to day waste may not seem significant, but added up over larger periods of time, an individuals waste can be much larger than most realize. This infographic shows what consumption looks like over ...


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