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The End Is Nigh: Eight Ways the World Might Come to an End

•0000....000...0000...... ...000..... ...000..............0...0000...00..0.. ........... THE END NIGH LIS EIGHT WAYS THE WORLD MIGHT COME TO AN END .000000...000... ..000...... We've been predicting the end of the world for centuries; from the Mayans to Nostradamus. It seems as a society we're obsessed with the potential time and method of the apocalypse. But what are the most likely scenarios for the end of the world? LifeQuotes4U looks at eight of the most talked about extinction events High Risk Zones The places most likely to be involved in a potential apocalypse Super Volcanoes Nuclear Threats Biggest Polluters Earthquake Zones Virus Threats OSuper Collider Japan Russia (rogue) Russia USA Long Valley Yellowstone Aira Caldera Valles Caldera Israel Hadron Collider North Korea Lake Toba Med Zone Pakistan India Ring of Fire China Mid-Atlantic Ridge Africa South America The Red Giant The sun continues to age, heating up as it does so. Eventually it will expand into a red giant and engulf the inner solar system. The world's oceans will be evaporated, then the hydrogen will be blasted away from the water, meaning Earth will never have oceans again. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: There is no doubt that this will 100% happen - a question of when, not if 8 Billion Years The closest estimate Asteroid Impact If a large asteroid were to hit the earth, it could cause super tsunamis, major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, potentially killing everyone on Earth. This is exactly what happened 65 million years ago when an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs and killed 70% of all life on the planet. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: 90% Almost certain to happen at some point, it's just a question of the impact size The closest estimate, but 2-3 Millenla could be much sooner Super Volcano There are six known supervolanos on Earth, and a major eruption could potentially wipe out the human race. Researchers hypothesize that a supervolano in Indonesia almost eradicated the human race when it erupted 70,000 years ago, causing a 6-10 year volcanic winter. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: Very likely to happen, it will come down to the size of the volcano / eruption 2-3 Millenia could be much sooner The closest estimate, but 80% Nuclear War As global stability deteriorates, the potential of a nuclear war becomes more likely. It could come from any number of places, but the most likely appear to be North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, the US or Russia. If one nuke is fired, retaliation in kind could result in the eventual extinction of humans Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: 70% A reasonable possibility, particularly with rogue nations developing nuclear weapons Next Few Centuries Epidemic Global pandemics are nothing new - in the 1300s between 75 and 200 million people died from the black plague, and 3% of the world's population died from the 1918 flu. Now we have antibiotic-resistant diseases and the potential of a man-made virus sweeping the planet. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: 60% A global viral or bacterial epidemic is a very real possibility Possible Anytime Global Warming The climate continues to change, and in the worst case scenario we could see an increase of 7.2°F in global temperatures and a 10-23 inch increase in sea levels. This could result in floods, droughts, tsunamis and if the climate runs out of control, our atmosphere could be uninhabitable. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: The climate is certainly changing, but the severity depends on the actions we take 2-3 Millenia but could be sooner The closest estimate, 50% Black Hole The Large Hadron Super Collider in Switzerland can accelerate protons towards each other at 99.999999% the speed of light and can recreate conditions similar to those of the Big Bang. However, there are concerns that the Collider could great a black hole and destroy the Earth. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: Possible Anytime A man-made black hole is pretty 1% unlikely .. but it is theoretically posible Alien Attack If the Drake Equation is right, then it's very likely that somewhere in the Universe there is intelligent alien life. If they had the technological capability, it's possible that they could reach Earth with the intention of killing or enslaving the human race. They could be preparing right now.. Approximate likelihood: Approximate timeline: UNKNOWN Possible Anytime Sources: / | | | / / film) | (2008_film) | | | Brought to you by LifeQuotes 4U Life Insurance Made S imple O Next fow M

The End Is Nigh: Eight Ways the World Might Come to an End

shared by Designbysoap on Sep 06
We've been predicting the end of the world for centuries; from the Mayans to Nostradamus. It seems as a society we’re obsessed with the potential time and method of the apocalypse. But what are the m...


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