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Electricity Equivalents

ELECTRICITY EQUIVALENTS save energy your office A photocopier left on overnight uses enough energy to provide over 1500 copies. Lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1103 cups of tea. A typical window left open overnight in winter will waste enough energy to drive a small car 37,8 miles. 6_- 8 ON ON ON 0.714 kWh 22.05 kWh 27 kWh 1744 1103 37,8 copies cups of tea miles MID-VOLUME COPIER: TYPICAL OFFICE SPACE: OPEN WINDOW: • 8x6 ft (1800mm) • T8 tubes at 70W each (+ 25% by ballast = 87.5W each) • 1 m2 • air movement - 0.1 m/s • temperature of outside air is 0°C • temperature of internal air is 16°C • in «sleep» mode uses 51W. • in copy mode uses 614W. • produces 25 copies a minute 1 CUP OF TEA: •0.25 litres (i.e. 0.25kg) • energy requirement = 0.02 kWh SMALL CAR: • 10 miles/litre (= 45mpg). PC monitor switched off overnight saves enough energy to microwave six dinners. Switching off all non essential equipment in an office for one night will save enough energy to run a small car for 105 miles. Or enough energy to photocopy 224,000 copies or would make over 4500 cups of tea. 224 000 ON ON 0.32 kWh 93.7 kWh cups of tea 4500 105 dinners cups of tea miles MONITOR: OFFICE EQUIPMENT: • uses 20W standby consumption; • 18 6ft fluorescent lights at 70W with wire bound ballasts; • 1 photocopier uses 51W standby consumption; • 30 PC's (140W each); • 1 laser printer uses 45W standby consumption. MICROWAVE: • uses 800W for 4 min (meal is heated) TOP ONETSED i!i!:li

Electricity Equivalents

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Electricity is a big field where money are spent. There are lots of ways to economise money installing special tools and light bulbs. Save budget and spend it to something really worth it.


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