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Ecovillage Project

Presents An alternative economic model based on the integral deuelopment of natural resources, people and autochthonous culture of the location. Casas, Plazas Escuelas Vivientes estigation and ation: ditional global system 5 us the Information Sclence and technology applied in the project. euldence that we need forward to change and ng the sustainability kind. Our system unl- mmerce and earth's s In an efident way. It's obulous the necessity of creating a group sustalnable models with demonstration cen- :display: Production, education and socio-eco- deuelopment systems so that we could couer ly our energy requirements, water, housing, clal activities and commercal and cultural in- nin our rural communities. Notlue Reneuwable Vedic Permaculture culture energy Architecture Casas, Plazas y Escuelas Viŭientes Ring system Intranet Golden ratio neral Benefits: Volunteering They are Ecological, and self sustain themselves. Their blological and commercial Life is completely na- ure and healthy. They don't need mayor inversion to obtain sustainable leuelopment. t causes reforestation, vegetable gardens, blological nouses and teach other communities what they lear- ned from our experts so that a collateral Impact of greater magnitude is achleved. They utilige Technology such as: Internet, Solar Energy and Hydroponic crops. The leuel of Auto motors is really low. They protect their land, their landscape, and their re- iources from bad employment by third partles. They have legal and administratiue rules and alds that help them maintain sustainability and organizational working. hey are an economic model applied to the communal good (Community Activities) For the correct execution of the theorles and the appled sclences to this deuelopment profect, an administratiue system capable of Integrating the priuate economic resou- rce, educotiue Institutions, the youth of the volunteer sector, the earth and the working hands of the communes, finaliging all of them with the international Integration of all the communal webs called eco-ulllages. by Carlos Fernando León Niño Carlos Fernando León Niño // [email protected] as, Plazas y Escuelas Vlulentes // Copyright IEPI certificado: 1784/001785 Casas, Plazas y Escuelas Vivientes ILlustration of aru modute rom the Liutng PuK Squore Living Houses Living Public Square and Living School ILlustrotion Ling Houne Lluing houses would be housing for both forelgn- ers and ulsitors of the Uuing Public Square. It will allow them to llue firsthand the concepts of perm- culture and the ualuation of resources, the earth additional to basic permaculture wilLl be studied, and together uth uldeoconferences between uniuersties ond specdalists Indifferent sdentifc areas will allow to foster the communal deuelopment of the area. We haue at our disposition anactiue uldeo Ubrary that records the ulsits of spedalists with all the necessary information. This will ollow the execution of Investigation and analysis realiged by us and our students. The LUuing Public Square will be used for the exhibition of products and serulces of the town, every three months, special events according to the local autochthonous culture and the lunar colendar will be held, designed and the ancestral culture. Project units ore bult uth eorth, thining of her and in humans note the local culture. Sustainability Remunerate areas on the three phases of the project: Living Houses, Liuing Public Squares and Liuing Schools Content of the Living House Rings Houses, Kublic squares and Uung schools Plan of the V Agro tourism The landscaping design of Lluing houses origi- nates in landscaping and the proportions of the Augean number. Sale of Organic Products Craftsmanship's V Vedic Architecture was used, to glue appropriate direction to the buildings and the fruits of the earth (entrance at north or east) Housing: College/Scientific/National and International Educative Capacitation/Trainning/Seminaries on other cities and countries. The Terrain is harmonlously designed in centric rings that surround the house, on which medid- nal spedes, frults, decorative plants and small farm plots for self sustenance are grown. the Luing School V Landscaping The fifth ring is a ulewpolnt, rest area and paint, sculpture, writing, craftsmanship or lelsure and sport area. e dto, ete Contents of the RIngs Lung House Modules By Carlos Fernando León Nilio // leonecoaldeas@gmalLcom Casas, Plagas y Escuelas Viulentes // Copyright IEPI certipicado: 1784/00178s Liuing Pub Square By Carlos Fernando León Niio //[email protected] Casas, Plagas y Escuelas Vlulentes // Copyright IEPI certificado: 1784/0017 To those who look on freedom their truth, to the independent of mind, but not of body, The Trilogy of the Common Good to those that wish to make themselves anew to those I love and to whom we owe our very existance Mother Earth León The Three Areas: Houses, Public Squares and Liuing Schools interact between them generating an interlocked symbiosis that ensures an exponential growth for the next generations. Let's open way to the new Our Protocols: Eco-friendly behaulor of man with his surroundings, Interest for preseruing natural resources and redirecting of ther emotional capocl- tles in order to opt to search for their own personal realigation and accomplishment, In drcumstances where others opt for excessiue consuming as base of their occomplishment. The deuelopment of the- se two polnts wil glue us an idea of our real bet- terment and our accomplishments as a dulligation. Valores de Permacultura Cuidar la tierra 1. Observar e interactuar Compartir con equidad Trilogy Trilogy Living Homes, Liuing Public Square and Liuing Schools 2. Captar y almacenar energia Commune Cuidar la \gente Nature Reserue 3. Obtener un rendimiento Ecouillage 4. Aplicar autorregu- lación y aceptar retroalimentàción 5. Usar y valorar los Servicios y Recursos Naturales 6. No producir % desperdicios V10, Usar y valorar la diversidad 7. Diseñar desde los ) S patroņes hacia los detalles 9. Usar soluciones lentas y pequeñas 8. Integrar más que segregar 11. Usar los bordes y valorar lo marginal 12. Usar y responder creativamente al cambio By Carlos Fernando León Niño Casas, Plagas y Escuelas Viuientes Copyright IEPI certificado: 1784/001785 Great changes don't exclusively belong to the deueloped world, they are deeply rooted and interlined with the needs of men and his surroundings. Terra&Nova Design By Cartos Fernando León Nirño // [email protected] Casas, Plagas y Escuelas Viulentes // Copyright IEPI certificado: 1784/001785

Ecovillage Project

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6 label folder for a Ecovillage Project Drawings, Photo-merge, Branding and Design is made by me.


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