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Ecological Audit of Development

JZ1122 ECOLOCICAL The Earth's ability to provide an accommodating environment is undermined by our activities. The Earth is our life-supporting system. Despite this basic fact, measured in biophysical terms, the planet is shrinking due to human interventions. Over the past forty years the Living Planet Index (an indicator of the state of AUDIT OF DEVELOPMENT biodiversity) has fallen by 30% in northern countries and fallen by 60% in the tropics. During this time there has been a doubling of demands on natural systems. Assessing the capacity of the ecological system to continue to provide favorable conditions for civilization must be part of an audit of development. THE BALANCE SHEET FOR GROSS GLOBAL PROSPERITY Biodiversity has been fallen by a rate of 30% in northern countries and 60% in the tropical world over the past 40 years. PLANETARY BOUNDARIES BIODIVERSITY LOSS NITROGEN FLOW PHOSPHORUS FLOW CLIMATE CHANGE O OZONE DEPLETION * ATMOSPHERIC AEROSOL LOAD OCEAN ACIDITY * FRESHWATER CONSUMPTION CHEMICAL POLLUTION AGRICULTURAL LAND USE Ecological systems have thresholds that can characterized by dynamics where our industrial lead to sudden collapse. Nine planetary boundaries are central to avoid crossing critical patterns are a force dramatically effecting natural, biophysical and geological processes. tipping points. Three boundaries have already The Earth is the foundation for substance, but an ecological audit indicates that the model of development is now so dysfunctional that been transgressed: climate change, the rate of 97-98% of scientists agree climate 2/3 ecosystems are exploited biodiversity loss and the global nitrogen cycle. change is caused by humankind beyond their capacity The Anthropocene is a new geological age human survival is at stake.

Ecological Audit of Development

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This is one of four A2 posters for the 'GGP-2.0 - The Balance Sheet for Gross Global Prosperity' project. GDP is widely used as the primary indicator of a country’s standard of living. In this pr...


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