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The Ecological and Health Consequences of the Oil Spill

THE ECOLOGICAL AND HEALTH CONSEQUENCES OF THE OIL SPILL Learn more about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its disastrous consequences STATISTICS ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The area of the oil spill impacts 8,332 species. As of 5 July. 1884 dead animals had been collected MILLIONS of sea organisms have been affected and 1.500 crustaceans species 18% 4200 of ofher species 48,4% 1,387 of them were birds DIED but there is no accurate count 1400 molsks species 16.8% 444 were sea turtles 53 were dolphins and other animals 1200 fish species 14.4% 200 birds species 24% 10 CURIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH FACTS ABOUT THE OIL SPILL The direct contact or inhalation of oil fumes causes diz ziness, nausea and headaches. Long term effects of oil contact include cancer respiratory diseases and hormonal disnup The spil could lead to anen ronmental disaster because of factors such as petroleum toicty and oygen depletion tions Ol breaks down the insulat- ing capability of feathers which makes them heavier and compromises the beds ability to fly. The spill is responsi- ble for thinner bird and turtle egg shells. The oil has killed count less numbers of fhes It kills these animals quickly, at a concentra tion of 04 The ol spill also results in the tainting of algae. which are essential in ecosystems It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250.000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildite. It causes deformities to fish larvae. If animals ingest oil it can Create a level of toxins in their systems that can cause poisoning further up the food chain Because of the BP oil spill, more than 400 species in the Gulf islands and marsh- lands are at risk. The damage to the ocean floor is as yet unknown. TRAVEL Soucers Wihipedia. Sciente Daily. information provided by

The Ecological and Health Consequences of the Oil Spill

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The health consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be really serious such as cancer, respiratory diseases and hormonal disruptions.




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