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Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal, From Household to Industrial

ECO-FRIENDLY PAINT DISPOSAL FROM HOUSEHOLD TO INDUSTRIAL The issue of proper paint disposal has been taken more seriously over the last few decades. Homeowners are more aware of how important and easy it is to reuse or recycle their old paint, while businesses rely on hazardous waste removal companies to properly dispose of their surplus. Unfortunately, exposure to paint's noxious chemicals can be very dangerous, so it is important to be aware of the ingredients in paint that may be harmful to humans and the environment. LET'S DISSECT PAINT PAINT IS PAINT, RIGHT? LET'S BREAK DOWN THE COMMON LINGO ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PRODUCT. COMPOSED OF FOUR TYPES OF MATERIALS: SOLVENT BINDER PIGMENT ADDITIVES The liquid that carries the solid, has strong odor, potentially hazardous for humans Solid film former that Provides paint its color and opacity Improves storage and application properties remains after solvent has evaporated, binds the pigment particles and environment FALLS INTO TWO CATEGORIES: OIL-BASED WATER-BASED Carrier is a solvent consisting of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) VOC's can be hazardous to humans VOC's can be hazardous to environment Often referred to as latex paint VOC content is much lower than solvent-based paints MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE PAINT MARKET U.S. PAINT AND COATINGS INDUSTRY 1,400 43,000 1.57 billion $20 billion NUMBER OF ESTABLISHMENTS THE INDUSTRY IS COMPOSED OF VALUE OF 1.57 BILLION NUMBER OF PEOPLE THE INDUSTRY EMPLOYS GALLONS OF PAINT AND COATINGS PRODUCT SOLD IN 2013 GALLONS OF PAINT RESIDENTIAL HOMES 100 million gallons PAINT IS THE LARGEST COMPONENT LOCAL HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION PROGRAMS 65-69 million ESTIMATED AMOUNT OF HOUSE PAINT SOLD EACH YEAR GALLONS DISCARDED EACH YEAR THAT END UP IN LANDFILLS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ EPA ESTIMATES EVERY U.S. HOMEOWNER HAS 3-4 GALLONS OF LEFTOVER PAINT AT HOME 10% OF THIS PAINT ENDS UP IN LANDFILLS U.S. CENSUS BUREAU 2000 POST-CONSUMER ARCHITECTURAL PAINT DISPOSAL STATS STATES STUDIED - CALIFORNIA, IOWA, OREGON, WASHINGTON AND WISCONSIN 3.261 8,573 Gallons collected at household hazardous waste collections Gallons disposed in landfills or incinerated HEALTH HAZARDS OF PAINT 10,000 300 150 NUMBER OF CHEMICALS IN TYPICAL HOUSEHOLD NUMBER OF THESE CHEMICALS THAT ARE KNOWN TOXINS NUMBER OF THESE CHEMICALS LINKED TO CANCER PAINT AAAAA 1978 DANGERS OF LEAD BASED PAINT INCLUDE POSSIBLE CANCER AND MENTAL DISORDERS SOME PAINT IS IGNITABLE, WITH A FLASH POINT LEAD BASED PAINT WAS BANNED, THOUGH IT IS STILL UNDER 140°F FOUND IN OLDER BUILDINGS STAY ALERT FOR THESE LABEL MARKINGS, THEY COULD BE HAZARDOUS: VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOC) – HAZARDOUS GASES EMITTED BY SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS. EXPOSURE CAN CAUSE: • Contains mildew protection • Eye, nose, and throat irritation • Headaches • Loss of coordination • Nausea • Liver, kidney and central nervous system damage • Labeled as "wood preservative" • Contains mercury (may apply to pre-1991 paint) ENVIRONMENTAL DOWNSIDE OF IRRESPONSIBLE PAINT DISPOSAL Paint runoff can enter storm drains and carry untreated pollutants into streams and rivers VOC's contribute to global warming VOC's can break down the good ozone layer Harms plants, animals and fish Forms smog (bad ozone) when VOC's react with oxygen in sunlight PRIMED FOR SUCCESS, DISPOSE OF YOUR PAINT RESPONSIBLY Most local household hazardous waste facilities accept used paint for recycling Most latex paint can be processed into recycled-content paint once dried completely Oil-based paints and their metal containers are incinerated by professionals High-quality latex paint can be sorted and recycled as usable paint %$4 Recycling one gallon of paint = 13 gallons of saved water Non-reusable paint can be a resource in cement manufacturing Save money and reduce waste by using an online paint calculator Donate unneeded paint to a friend or charity STATES THAT HAVE ADOPTED THE PAINTCARE® PROGRAM, WHICH MAKES PAINT RECYCLING CONVENIENT TO THE PUBLIC CA, CO, CT, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT WASTEXPRESS ENVIRONMENTAL OFFERS PAINT DISPOSAL SERVICES FOR BUSINESSES IN A VARIETY OF SECTORS THROUGHOUT OREGON AND WASHINGTON. Resources: EPA, Oregon DEQ, American Coatings Association, Clean Water Services, GlobalGuideline, Paint Quality, Earth911 WASTEXPRESS Infographic designed by Mad Fish SEO Copyright © 2014 WasteXpress EX %24

Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal, From Household to Industrial

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The EPA estimates that every household has approximately 3-4 gallons of leftover paint at home, and 10% of this ends up in landfills. This infographic sheds light on proper paint disposal methods, bot...




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