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An E-Filing Environment

AN E-FILING ENVIRONMENT DID YOU KNOW? E-filing is growing "04 68.7% 31.3% In the past eight years, the "05 65.8% 34.2% number of individual tax returns "06 63.0% 37.0% e-filed has been increasing steadily, which is good news for our trees. 07 60.3% 39.7% "08 57.7% 42.3% "09 55.5% 44.5% 10 51.8% 48.2% paper e-file '11 50.4% 49.6% 50% E-filing helps reduce waste! Did you know that nearly one third of landfill waste in the U.S. is paper*? If we cut down our paper use, less landfill waste is produced. 32.7% paper waste "Environmental Protection Agency, 2007 report other waste paper waste This year we can save more paper with e-sign! You can save more trees than ever using e-file. You can now file a completely paper- less return, right down to your signature. You can use a self-selected Personal Identification Number (PIN) just as you would at a bank ATM. The PIN is your electronic signature. E-Sign We can reduce our paper trail The average American uses approximately one 100-foot-tall Douglas fir tree in paper and wood products per year according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 100 How much paper is that? foot tree Since there are different kinds of trees and different kinds of paper, there is no exact answer. However, the aver- age pine tree will produce roughly 80,500 sheets of paper.* =80,500 Average Pine Tree Sheets of Paper foot person *Source environmental/green-science/question 16.htm What does that look like? 80,500= 161 Sheets of Paper Cartons of copy paper 500 SHEETS in one carton That's a lot of paper! In 2009, 127.3 million people filed Number of individual U.S. tax returns by method of filing, 2009 paper U.S. tax returns. If the aver- age tax return is three sheets of paper and an average pine tree produces roughly 80,500 sheets of paper, that would equal. 4,745 paper 48,415,200 e-file 90,433,800 pine trees Using the same calculation, the 110 million people who e-filed saved 4,096 trees! e-file your tax return for a greener future TurboTax. Choose Easy. Internal Revenue Service US. Environmental Protection Agency "How Stuff Works"

An E-Filing Environment

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E-filing of one's taxes is on the rise over the years, and it's a good thing, considering how much of a positive influence it can have on the environment due to all the paper that is saved.




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