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Does the UK Have a Rubbish Attitude to Waste?

TRADESKIPS DOES THE UK HAVE A RUBBISH ATTITUDE TO WASTE? Proper waste disposal is increasingly important in the UK, but where is all our waste going and how much is there? And the Top 1O Recyclers in Europe Are. GERMANY 66.1% AUSTRIA # 2 56% SLOVENIA #3 54.1% BELGIUM #4 52.7% SWITZERLAND #5 51.7% NETHERLANDS #6 51.7% SWEDEN #7 48% LUXEMBURG #8 48% DENMARK #9 46.3% EU TARGET OF UNITED KINGDOM #10 50% 43.5% 41% Between 2004 and 2014, landfilling in the UK decreased by 41% UK Recycling is on the Rise a 1.5% a 1% n 0.2% *0.8% v0.6% 44.1% 44.9% 44.3% 43.9% 42.9% 40.4% 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 13.9% % The recycling rate increased by 3.9% AA between 2010-2015 In 2014, 5.8 million tonnes of dry recycling came from households in England. This is about the same weight as The Great Pyramid of Giza What Weighs More, a Tonne of Waste or a Tonne of Polar Bear? 1 TONNE POLAR BEAR 10 TONNES CRUISE SHIP ANCHOR 100 TONNES BLUE WHALE 600 TONNES CARS 10,000 TONNES EIFFEL TOWER 100,000 TONNES CN TOWER 750 1,000,000 TONNES REDWOOD TREES What's in England's Recycling Bins? 41% PAPER & CARD 19% 18% NEWS GLASS 9% OTHER MATERIALS 7% WEEE & SCRAP 4% PLASTIC МЕTALS МЕTALS GRAMS 5,800,000 KILOGRAM TONNE We're a Nation of Food Wasters... 15 MILLION tonnes of food and drink was wasted in 2012. This is around 3 of food bought annually in the UK Of this 15 million tonnes, 7 million tonnes was wasted in households (equivalent to 20 Empire State Buildings) Of that 7 million, 4.2 million tonnes was avoidable, 1.2 million tonnes was possibly avoidable, 1.6 million tonnes was unavoidable The average household wastes £9 of food per week or £468 per year! With £468 you could buy either: . ADMIT ONE A lodge at Center Parcs for a weekend 52 cinema tickets 2 return flights to Majorca How Much Waste is Going to Landfill? Biodegradable 25,019,000 Total Waste TONNES 22,654,000 TONNES 20,016,000 TONNES 18,201,000 TONNES 16,955,000 15,258,000 TONNES TONNES 12,982,000 11,710,000 TONNES 10,337,000 TONNES 9,326,000 TONNES TONNES 8,711,000 TONNES 7,682,000 TONNES 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 In 2015, the equivalent of 174 truckloads of waste went to landfill per hour Carried Away with the English 5p Bag Tax BEFORE THE TAX: HOW MANY 5P CARRIER BAGS DID WE USE? 8.50 bn 8.34 bn 8.08 bn 7.98 bn 7.57 bn 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 AFTER THE 5P TAX WAS IMPLEMENTED Between 5th October 2015 and 6th April 2016 1.1 BN single use carrier bags were sold by registered large retailers in England. Over 12 months this equates to around 1.9bn bags - 1/4 of 2014's bag consumption! £29.2 MILLION was donated to good causes from this tax Wales managed to reduce plastic bag use by 90% after introducing this tax in 2011 UK Recycled Packaging Targets for 2017 77% 76% 69.5% 55% 51% MA 22% WOOD PLASTIC ALUMINIUM PAPER & CARD STEEL GLASS It's a Criminal Waste! the number of people in 2015 who received prison sentences for waste crimes SORRY WE'RE 90 the number of days it took for more than 50% of new illegal waste sites to be closed between 2015-16 CLOSED £15,000,000 the amount spent on stopping illegal waste activity between 2015-16 WOW! Waste Facts In 2016, over 580,000 tonnes of electrical waste was collected in the UK COMPOST M&S hasn't sent any waste to landfill since 2012, instead food waste is sent to anaerobic digestion plants to produce electricity and fertiliser MINERAL FERTILIZER ORGANIC FERTILIZER Local authorities in England and Wales spent around £2.38 billion on waste collection and disposal services in 2013/14 Every Christmas we throw away 11,624 FOOTBALL PITCHES worth of wrapping paper in the UK SOURCES ment_data/file/593040/UK_statsonwaste_statsnotice_Dec2016_FINALV2_2.pdf mary-of-data-in-england-for-2015-to-2016/single-use-plastic-carrier-bags-charg e-data-in-england-for-2015-to-2016 cal-and-electronic-equipment-in-the-uk-2013 food-and-household/food-waste#c7330a6034bc4f18a3a0cad3966faf45 cil-waste-spending-topped-2-3-billion-in-201314/ /wrap/hhfdw-2012-summary.pdf TRADESKIPS www.TRADESKIPS.COM

Does the UK Have a Rubbish Attitude to Waste?

shared by onlineventuresgroup on May 04
Have you ever wondered who the Top 10 Recyclers in Europe are or what’s in England’s recycling bins? Well, we’ve found out and the results aren’t quite what we were expecting.


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