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Do and Don’ts of Sustainable Living

Do and Don'ts of Sustainable Living Sustainable living means following a way of life that leaves little or no impact on the world. In other words, people who live sustainably do as little damage to the environment as possible. There are many ways to do this, but most try to use only a few resources each day, thus saving energy and reducing damage. Someone who lives sustainably might for example follow a vegetarian diet and grow their own food. They might also produce their own power using solar panels. There are many reasons why people follow this lifestyle. They hope to care for and respect our earth, while protecting future generations. They want to reduce the impact of global warming, and reduce the frequency of natural or man-made disasters. Do Don'ts Packaging Recycling Recycle everything from plastic bottles to newspapers to reduce the amount of waste put into landfills. Don't buy goods with excess packaging. Instead buy loose fruit and vegetables from farmer's markets. Transport Use public transport, walk or cycle to and from work or school each day. It's good for your health and the environment. Travel Don't take large groups to places where the infrastructure can't support it. Support local businesses such as hostels while there. Energy Heating Produce your own energy using wind or solar power. This is one way of creating an energy- efficient household. Don't put the heating on all of the time. Grab a jumper and make sure your home is well- insulated and draft-free. Washing Don't put the washing machine on for a half-load. Purchase a clothesline instead of using an energy-consuming tumble dryer. Water Save water by installing low- flow devices for your toilet, shower and taps. Install an irrigation system in your garden. Products Standby Instead of buying new all of the time, borrow or rent from others. Support local businesses and buy only what you absolutely need. Don't leave electrical devices on standby as they still consume electricity. This is a waste of energy and money. According to the World Health Organisation 150,000 deaths can be attributed to climate change. 700,000-900,000 tonnes of CO2 are saved by the proper disposal of municipal waste in Morocco. 1.4M homes get their energy via solar panels in Bangladesh. 200,000 people use Sub- Saharan África's first Bus Rapid Transport for their commute. 22.9M energy-efficient light bulbs were distributed for free in Mexico, setting a world record. Do your bit by visiting Sources: - - - -

Do and Don’ts of Sustainable Living

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What is sustainable living? What have countries around the world done to promote sustainable living? And how can I make a difference from my own home?


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