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Decoding Plastic

PLASEIL We're all familiar with the classic recycling icon. But what do the numbers often found inside it mean? This is the SPl resin identification system, placed on plastics to identify the polymer type. Polymers can only be recycled with like resins, so proper separation is exremely important! RECYCLE CODE PLASTIC NAME COMMON ITEMS PET/PEΤΕ polyethylene terephthalate Soft-drink bottles, food and water containers, and other consumer products HDPE high-density polyethylene Milk and juice bottles, dishwashing and laundry detergent, grocery bags PVC Bottles, food trays, electrical insulation, polyvinyl chloride irrigation pipes LDPE low-density polyethylene Squeeze bottles, wire insulation; grocery, trash, and food storage bags PP Fruit & vegetable packages, bottle caps, drinking straws polypropylene Packaging, CD covers, styrofoam, eg9 cartons, packing peanuts, tableware PS 6. polystyrene Items made of recycled goods, semi-rigid food storage, drinking cups A combination/ none of the above Learn about plastic injection molding at DESIGN-TEK TOOL & PLASTICS INC. DESIGNTEKPLASTICS.COM

Decoding Plastic

shared by DesignTekPlastics on Aug 05
Understanding recycling isn’t something everyone cares to do, but it’s important to our environment. Learn more about recycling plastics below!


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