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Death By the Elements

1780 GREAT HURRICANE, BARBADOS & MARTINIQUE & ST. EUSTATIUS 1998 HURRICANE MITCH, CENTRAL AMERICA 1906 HONG KONG TYPHOON 1876 GREAT BACKERGANJ CYCLONE, BANGLEDESH 1586 KELUT VOLCANIC ERUPTION, INDONESIA 1965 BANGLEDESH CYCLONE 2008 CYCLONE NARGIS, LABUTTA, BURMA 1839 INDIA CYCLONE, CORINGA, INDIA 1975 SUPER TYPHOON NINA, CHINA HOT 1970 BHOLA CYCLONE, BANGLEDESH 1815 MOUNT TAMBORA VVOLCANIC ERUPTION, IND 1883 KRAKATOA VOLCANIC ERUPTION, INDONESIA | 1942 CYCLONE, INDIA 1985 NEVADO DEL RUIZ VOLCANIC ERUPTION, COLOMBIA FIRE 1792 MOUNT UNZEN VOLCANIC ERUPTION, JAPAN 1977 INDIA CYCLONE AIR 1980 UNITED STATES HEAT WAVE HEAT WAVE AN OCEAN) TYPHOW (PACIFIC DEATH BY THE ELEMENTS 500 YEARS OF NATURAL DISASTERS This infograph maps the Natural Disaster events of the last 500 years, with death tolls of 10,000 or above. There has been an attempt to map only naturally caused disasters but some may have indirect human contributions. From this infograph, the most powerful natural elements are Earth and Water. Earth with the Disasters caused by nature can be categorized as one of these four elements, where their charac- The four fundamental elements of Classical Greek physics are Earth, Water, Fire and Air. There are a secondary layer of characteristics relating each of these elements to one another, highlighted in gold. Earth was considered Dry & Cold, Water was considered Cold & Wet, Air was DRY teristics can be identified as contributants of two HIGHLIGHTED elements. With an exception of typhoons, cy- clones and hurricanes which are of the same EVENTS OCCURING IN THE LAST 12 YEARS natural event, merely reffered to with different terms dependant on location in the world. For Earthly natural disasters – Earthquakes are Hot and have a stronger relation to the Fire element, therefore it is mapped accordingly closer. Mud- most events (31) causing 10,000 or above death tolls. Closely followed by Water, with 24 events. Water can be considered more powerful as two events have cuased more deaths (4 million cach) WET 40.000 PEOPLE considered Wet & Hot, and Fire was considered Hot & Dry. These four elements was the way in which all natural materials and events of the world were categorized. A fifth element was introduced later, often referring to metaphysics. slides are directly related to Water and are colder sometimes called quintessence or acther. than Earthquakes, therefore mapped accordingly closer. The same logic is applied to all other cate- gories of Natural Disasters. than all the Earth events combined. 1970 TONGHAI EARTHQUAKE, CHINA MONSOON 1999 VARGAS MUDSLIDE, VENEZUELA EARTHQUAKE 1797 RIOBAMBA EARTHQUAKE, ECUADOR 1703 APENNINE EARTHQUAKE, ITALY 1668 SHANDONG EARTHQUAR 1954 GREAT IRAN FLOOD AVALANCHE 1868 ECUADOR EARTHQUAKES, ECUADOR EARTH 1727 TABRIZ EARTHQUAKE, IRAN QUAKE, CHINA 1868 ARICA TSUNAMI, CHILE TSUNAMI 1970 ANCASH EARTHQUAKE, PERU 1570 ALL SAINT'S FLOOD, NETHERLANDS 1707 HOEI TSUNAMI, JAPAN 1693 SICILY EARTHQUAKE I TSUNAMI, ITALY 1755 LISBON EARTHQUAKE, PORTUGAL 2008 SICHUAN EARTHQUAKE, CHINA 1935 YANGTZE RIVER FLOOD, CHINA 1718 GANSU EARTHQUAKE, CHINA 1971 HANOI & RED RIVER DELTA FLOOD, NORTH VIETNAM COLD 1990 MANJIL-RUDBAR EARTHQUAKE, IRAN JA 1927 GULANG EARTHQUAKE, GANSU, 1754 CAIRO EARTHQUAKE, EGYPT 1530 ST. FELIX'S FLOOD, FLANDERS & ZEELAND, BELGIUM & NETHERLANDS 1642 KAIFENG FLOOD, HENAN, CHINA 2001 GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE, INDIA 1970 HUASCARAN AVALANCHE, PERU 1999 IZMIT EARTHQUAKE, TURKEY 1887 YELLOW RIVER FLOOD, CHINA CHINA 1908 MESSINA EARTHQUAKE / TSUNAMI, SICILY, ITALY 2004 INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI 1854 GREAT NANKAIDO EARTHQUAKE / TSUNAMI, JAPAN 1939 TIANJIN FLOOD, CHINA HILLIO 1965 KARACHI CYCLONE, PAKISTAN 1631 MOUNT VESUVIUS VOLCANIC ERUPTION, ITALY 1922 SWATOW TYPHOON, SHANTOU, CHINA 1902 MOUNT PELEE VOLCANIC ERUPTION, MARTINIQUE, CARIBBEAN 2003 EUROPEAN HEAT WAVE 1737 CALCUTTA CYCLONE, INDIA VOLCANIC ERUPTION 91 BANGLEDESH CYCLONE CANE a82 BOMBAY CYCLONE, INDIA TH ATLANTIC OCIANI 1963 PAKISTAN CYCLONE 1965 BANGLADESH CYCLONE 1999 ORISSA CYCLONE, INDIA 1960 VALPARAISO EARTHQUAKE, CHILE 1939 CHILE EARTHQUAKE. CHILE 1783 CALABRIAN EARTHQUAKES, ITALY 2005 KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE, PAKISTAN FLOOD 1948 ASHGABAT EARTHQUAKE, TURKMENISTAN WATER MUDSLIDE 1976 TANGSHAN EARTHQUAKE, CHINA 1923 GREAT KANTO EARTHQUAKE, HOSHU, JAPAN 1556 SHAANXIEARTHQUAKE, CHINA 1920 HAIYUAN EARTHQUAKE, NINGXIA, CHINA 1667 SHAMAKHI EARTHQUAKE, AZERBAIJAN 1949 GUATEMALA FLOOD 1896 MEIJI-SANRIKU TSUNAMI, JAPAN 1935 BALOCHISTAN EARTHQUAKE, PAKISTAN 1939 TURKEY EARTHQUAKE, ERZINCAN, TURKEY 1782 SOUTH CHINA SEA TSUNAMI, CHINA & TAIWAN 1954 YANGTZE RIVER FLOOD, CHINA 1974 BANGLEDESH MONSOON RAIN 1826 JAPAN TSUNAMI 1857 NAPLES EARTHQUAKE, ITALY 1938 YELLOW RIVER FLOOD, CHINA 1911 YANGTZE RIVER FLOOD, CHINA 1931 YANGTZE RIVER FLOOD, CHINA 2010 HAITI EARTHQUAKE / TSUNAMI, HAITI 1771 RYKKYK TRENCH TSUNAMI

Death By the Elements

shared by kanny.yeung on Sep 16
Death by the Elements visualizes the last 500 years of natural disasters with death tolls of 10,000 or above. Each disaster is classified into one of the 4 classical elements: water, earth, fire and a...



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