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A Day in the Life of Global Warming

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF GLOBAL WARMING While nobody knows for sure what will happen if governments and citizens can't turn the corner on climate change, the effects undoubtedly will be widespread. Here's a look at the likely changes to major and minor aspects of our everyday lives as a result of climate change. HOT DAYS WILL BE EVEN HOTTER 01:00 an. 11.5 12,000 Through 2080, scientists project annual heat deaths in the U.K. could go from 2,000 today to 12,000+. 2014 2100 2,000 Average global temperatures are expected to increase by as much 2014 2080 as 11.5 degrees by 2100. FOOD WILL BECOME SCARCER AND MORE EXPENSIVE In California's Lackluster crop pollination will continue as bee colonies will Central Valley, yields almost across the board will keep dying off; as much as O50% drop by about 30% of the hives needed to pollinate fruits and vegetables in the U.S. over the next few decades. have died off in recent years. $4 Transportation and food storage Warmer temperatures kill off wild relatives of potatoes, threatening a source of genes that help crops fight pests and drought. concerns will mean those furthest from farms (those in cities) could go hungry. DAY-TO-DAY TRANSPORTATION WILL BE MORE DIFFICULT AND EXPENSIVE '2030 2014 $100 60,000 miles of coastal roadways in the U.S. are already exposed to flooding from coastal storms and high waves. $200 Projected cost per barrel of crude oil by 2030; that compares to about $100 today BUSINESSES WILL BE AFFECTED, AND THE ECONOMY WILLBE DRAGGED DOWN Countries that are about $100B+ 2 degrees warmer are 8.5% Economic cost of climate and weather disasters in the U.S. in 2012 alone = $10 B poorer per capita. HUMAN HEALTH WILL SUFFER Increase in diseases and conditions, such as: Asthma Longer allergy season 1 in 5 Americans currently has asthma or allergies One-third of the U.S. population experienced 100-degree-plus temperatures for 10 or more days in 2012. Respiratory infections Heat-related deaths Decreased lung function in children Development of chronic lung 1 in 6 disease Americans is affected by food poisoning each year today Increase in foodborne illnesses like salmonella poisoning Increase in animal-borne illnesses If emissions remain at today's levels through 2050, warming from climate change could increase major ozone alert days by 68% in the 50 largest eastern U.S. cities. like West Nile Virus WILDLIFE WILL SUFFER, AND NATURE WILL BE MUCH MORE UNPLEASANT FOR HUMANS At least 40% Australia of the world's species are threatened by climate change. Europe Nearly 3 in 4 bird species in Australia and more than 1 in 3 in Europe could Increased carbon dioxide will cause go extinct. poison ivy and dandelions to grow taller and tougher. SOURCES • • • • • • • • • • • INFO GRAPHIC WORLD $200 %24 illılılılılılıl

A Day in the Life of Global Warming

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Global warming is a subject that can cause heated controversy on both sides of the argument. has created an infographic entitled “A Day in the Life of Global Warming”, sho...


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