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Crude Awakening

As of Thursday AM, May 13 CRUDE AWAKENING It you kill the shrimo, you ki the ish that feed off the shrimp and if you kill the fsh then there is nothing let in the Gut of Mexico. That would absolutely be a disa ter for years and years. -Oan Dx ing boat caatain An infographic to help you understand the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and the incredible costs that will affect us all "This is bad.. nothing is done, this will take 10 years to disperse Dec Deran Ol Sol Contro Sereices double dip' recession prebatly has been made more likely by this tragedy MISS ALA FLORIDA -David Kotok chief investment officer Cunberland investors LOUISIANA TX 1moE Freater mpera t u THE RESPONSE Pet ste spral ethe A e sennd Nor Ca 13,000 A a 526 fenng 14 million Owa te rats 475.000- NOAAS prediktin of el lecation lor Satanday May 15 5 million Laction ot rig Reliet wels THE WORSTCASE SCENARIO cat THE FIXES 378 million SE WINDS Top Hat THE ENVIRONMENTAL RISKS: 75% It could not come at a worse time S million 14,000 metdhite -350 45.000 New riser pipe THE ECONOMIC COSTS: 200 "Junk Shot" ANguran.c Area still weak from Hurricane Katrina is hit again $22 trilion No. 7 ....... *........... R .... 6of top 10 CHRONOLOGY OF A DISASTER Callerdam containment system Insertion Tube FEB Ueempiyneat nte March 200 THE COMPANIES INVOLVED The owners bp -200 APR GULF FISHING INDUSTRY: Sudden death of a way of life? $2.5 billion Gall landings of shim Anadarl 73% 22 t r 23 $662 million The operators and contractors 24i w 59% Cemmeni ah heret TTransocean 200 26 27 CAMERON 28 ont te nSIE LADN -14% 13 billien 29 HALLIBURTON 30 Tre species landings pntag GOVERNMENT SPENDING trepnga MAY te nd nim 138 million -150 2 uy a. TOURISM AND SPORTS FISHING: The cancellations have begun ethal $9 billion 25 million ఉ000 7,700 $757 million wwwwlt 200 SI billion 94 millien 33% 100 6. te Ch d Sit Previous problems en the Horizon Deepwater ma 10 THE FINANCIAL COSTS ......... DAYS AT RATE OF LIMLLION GALLONS/ D GALLONS SPILLED SO FAR 9.8 million ................ 5350 million 55.5 millien ........ How did it happen? Latest Congressional testimony is revealing sequence of failures 12 THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO 50 ...... Bloweuts and cementing hatemhom 68 milon 11 million 0.25 million - 2.5 million 1 months स retomtmatr What about the future? What do Americans think? Obama sticking with his plan to epand offshore drilling Spill causes Schwarzenegger to pull support for drilling 819 million Int t ne y ato Fer wette Thecenters mttet ete 3,858 INFO GRAPHIC WORLD Design by Carol Zuber-Mallison/ZM Graphics

Crude Awakening

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
Infographic World created this detailed graphic. It gives a sense of the scale and of all of the factors affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. It's a bit intense so open it up larger and spend some time mul...


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