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Council Recycle

COUNCIL RECYCLE Why Recycle? It is an easy way to help the environment. Each recycled item fewer resources are used to make new products and packaging. Savings from recycling in numbers Containers, paper and cardboard (for the year): • Filling more than 4,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools (over 11,000 megalitres of water). 4,500 x • Taking a little more than 64,000 cars off the road (386,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases). -64,000 cars Aluminium and Steel: • Save up to 75% of the energy and 40% of the water needed to make steel just using raw materials. Air pollution is reduced by almost 90%. -90% -75% 40% • Making new cans from aluminium used requires only 5% of the energy needed to make a new can from scratch. By recycling just six aluminium cans you can save enough energy to offset the carbon emissions from a 10 kilometre journey in an average size car, 17 kilometre bus ride or 25 kilometre train trip. 6 cam 10 km 25 km 17 km Glass: • By recycling one glass bottle you can save enough energy to use an average 30 watt household light globe for 13 hours. 13 HOURS Paper: • To make just one fonne of paper out of virgin material over 90,000 litres of precious water are used which will fill 450 rain barrels. 450x fonne Plastic: • Approximately 88% of the energy is saved by producing plastic from plastic as opposed to plastic from the raw materials of oil and gas. The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes. It takes 125 recycled plastic milk bottles to manufacture a 140 litre wheelie bin from recycled plastic. 25 min 125 What Can I Recycle? Glass Bottles and Jars Plastic Living Room O Compact Disc Case (No Disks) Hard Plastic Packaging Bathroom O Deodorant Stick (Roll On) O Shampoo/ Conditioner Bottles A Medicine Bottles Take Away Food Containers A Soap Pump Bottles Kitchen O Berry And Tomato Punnets Biscuit And Cake Trays (Plastic) Laundry O Cleaning Product Bottles O Bottles Containers Containers O Detergent Bottles Ice Cream Containers Washing Detergent Bottles Plant Pots (Small) Margarine Containers Takeaway Food Containers Plastic Crockery (e.g. Disposable Plates) Tupperware Yoghurt Containers Paper Living Room Bathroom Books A Boxes (Cardboard) Boxes And Other Cardboard O Cartons A Brochures A Tissue Boxes Magazines Toilet Paper Rolls O Newspapers Office Paper A Greeting Cards O Postcards Kitchen A Boxes And Other Cardboard A Junk Mail Cereal Boxes O Pizza Boxes O Deli/ Butchers Paper O Paper Bags A Envelopes (Including With Plastic Windows) 88) Egg Cartons O Envelopes (Including With Plastic Windows) Phone Books Tissue Boxes O Greeting Cards A Juice Cartons O Wrapping Paper A Junk Mail Long Life Cartons (e.g. Milk, Juice, Stocks And Sauces) Laundry A Boxes And Other Cardbogrd Magazines A Milk Cartons O Washing Powder Boxes Newspapers O Newspapers O Paper O Paper Bags A Phone Books O Pizza Boxes Magazines Wrapping Paper Metal Bathroom O Aerosol Spray Cans (e.g. Deodorant, Hair Laundry spray, Air Freshener) 9 Pet Food Cans O Cans (Tin, Steel, Aluminium) O Cleaning Product Bottles e Containers O Washing Detergent Bottles Kitchen O Aerosol Cans (Cooking/baking Spray, Whipped Cream) Aluminum Cans Aluminum Baking Trays e Cake Trays (Foil) Cooking Oil Tins (Up To 5litres) Foil (Clean) O Food Cans O Formula Tins O Pet Food Cans What does recycling get turned into? Telephone directories, kitty litter, plaster board, egg cartons and cardboard boxes. PAPER Paperboard and newspapers. MAGAZINES Wheelie bins, clothing, pallets, carpet fibre, signage, sleeping bag and jacket lining, outdoor furniture (like picnic tables and park benches), bollards and play equipment, PLASTICS frisbees, buckets and plastic bottles. New glass bottles, fibreglass and road base. GLASS Bike and car parts, appliances, new cans, door and window frames. ALUMINIUM Steel cans. STEEL Top Tips For Getting It Right Getting it right is easy– just follow these simple steps Know what you can recycle. Check for recycling in every room. Make sure items are empty. O Items don't need to be sparkling clean, just empty. Remove solid food scraps like pizza and leftovers. Keep recycling out of plastic bags Remember, if you put your recycling in plastic bags it may end up in landfill because it can't be sorted and recycled. Make recycling easy Placing separate rubbish and recycling bins in each room of your house helps make recycling easy. Keep these items out of your recycling bin (non-recyclable) O Garden Waste O General household waste including items such as food and nappies OHousehold chemicals O Electronics (eg. computers, TVs, mobile phones) and batteries O Household goods and furniture Polystyrene foam packaging Glass waste (non packaging) and ceramics (eg. cups, crockery, drinking glasses, ceramics, Pyrex glass, ovenware, window glass, mirrors and light bulbs) Scrap metal items like car parts Designed by: Info Graphic Source: DESIGN TEAMU O000©0O0000 O0000OOO©0O00DO

Council Recycle

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Recycling works as one of the effective media for reducing environmental pollution. Moreover, by recycling of used products we can save energy, save space for waste disposal and save natural resources...


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