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Costa Rica (old version)

COSTA RICA THE "PURA VIDA" COUNTRY In 1502, during his fourth and last trip to the American continent, Christopher Columbus sailed along the eastern shores of Costa Rica There were 400,000 indigenous people divided into several independent tribes, cultures and origins (South American, Mesoamerican and Caribbean) SAN JOSÉ Independence from Spain was declared on September 15th, 1821 Its constitutional history is the oldest in Latin America and is recognized as one of the most stable in the world The first constitution was written in 1871 but the current one was ratified in 1947; ensuring citizenship and the right to vote to persons of all races and gender In 1948 the army was abolished permanently and resources were used for education, infrastructure and culture Costa Rica is the seat of the Court of Human Rights, and also the headquarters of the University for Peace of the United Nations Education is compulsory since 1869 and 95% of the The country is famous for having more teachers than policemen Spanish is the official language, English is the second most widely spoken language population is literate Costa Rica ranked as 5th Costa Rica vowed to become The country uses 99.2% renewable energy in the world in the 2012 the 1st carbon neutral Environmental Performance Index country in the world by 2021 The country hosts more than 5% of the world's biodiversity even is dedicated to national parks though its landmass only takes up with more than 100 different 0.03% of the planet's surface The health care system is rated very highly on an international level, both public and private More than 25% of its land protected areas to visit THREE WONDERFUL ISLANDS IN COSTA RICA, Cocos Island Isla de Caño Tortuga Once a haunt of pirates, Jacques Cousteau called it the most beautiful island in the world Biological reserve and sanctuary for turtles, dolphins and whales and ancient burial ground of Tourist destination for the large number of activities and also famous as "the most beautiful jewel" the coastal tribes TEN OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND PICTURESQUE BEACHES Playa Samará for snorkeling Bahía de los Piratas Playa Avellanas old hiding place Playa Rajada with unique sunsets Santa Teresa riding on the beach surfers paradise Playa Cuevas paradise between caves and cliffs Playa San Juanillo with the precious there is a sustainable coral reef Playas Tamarindo famous touristic Playa Danta Nosara protected turtle sanctuary community destination THERE ARE ABOUT 121 VOLCANIČ FORMATIONS BUT ONLY SEVEN ARE ACTIVE Rincón Arenal Miravalle de la Vieja 1916 m 6286 ft Poás 2708 m 8884 ft Turrialba 3340 m Barva Irazú 2028 m 2906 m 9534 ft 1670 m 3432 m 5479 ft 6653 ft 10,958 ft 11,260 ft their last eruption occurred in 2008, 1998 1946 2009 6050 BC 1866 1994 STILL COUNTING AS NEW SPECIES ARE DISCOVERED EVERY DAY, YOU CAN OBSERUE 160 species of amphibians 130 species of freshwater fish 220 species of reptiles 1,200 varieties of orchids 850 species of birds 9,000 species of plants 208 species of mammals 1,000 species of butterflies 34,000 species of insects They value a calm lifestyle, embracing the little things with a very "pura vida" attitude (literally meaning "Pure Life") According to the study of a British think-tank, Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world Costa Ricans call themselves with a diminutive and affectionate nickname: "Ticas" and "Ticos" PURA VIDA Sources: razionalefantasia

Costa Rica (old version)

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(There is an updated version of this infographic) According to the study of a British think-tank, Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world. The country hosts more than 5% of the world´s biod...


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