The Cost of Running your Car on Alternative Fuels

VAS The Cost of Running Your Car on Alternative Fuels In March, spending on petrol and diesel in the UK went up by 12% According to EU regulations, by 2015 the average emissions from cars must fall to under 130g/km. This means we are in a situation where we need to lower our emissions and to tackle rising prices There has never been a more appropriate time to consider the cost-effectiveness of using alternative fuels in our vehicles. When will Fossils Fuels Become Extinct Gas 50 years Oil 60 years Coal 1,000 years Some researchers believe they can predict based on our current usage the approximate point at which our reserves of fossil fuels will have run out. The graph below suggests that petrol prices too are going in only one direction, and that's up. 160 160 140 Petrol (pence per litre) 140 120 120 100 100 80 80 60 60 CO2 Emissions for New Cars in the UK Happily, British consumers seem all to aware of the fact that we need to start thinking about emissions. 2011 saw an 11.3% rise in the registration of alternatively fueled vehicles. Our CO2 emissions have also gone down considerably. 189.8 181.0 CO2 g/kg CO2 g/kg 169.4 CO2 g/kg 144.2 CO2 g/kg 2000 2005 2010 2011 These are the average emissions of new cars being bought in the UK. The emissions have been consistently falling, but we have some way left to go. So what is the most cost-effective alternative fuel? The Cost of Alternative Fuels ? We have evaluated these alternative fuels on a five-star rating system, taking into account running cost, initial purchasing or conversion cost, and their impact on the environment. Which do you think would suit you best Autogas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Bioethanol Bicethanol is a fuel made from purpose-grown Autogas or LPG is a gaseous fuel which has already found widespread use in South America. crops. Running Cost Rating Running Cost Rating Engine Conversion Cost Rating: Engine Conversion Cost Rating Green Rating Green Rating Pros: For greater green and cost benefits, bicethanol can be created at home from waste oil. Pros: Low cost to convert your engine. Cons: Popularity seems to be already past its peak. Cons: While biodiesel is widely available, bicethanol stations are scarce. Full Electric Hybrid Electric Vehicles The Committee on Climate Change wants to see 1.7m electric cars on our roads by 2020. Hybrid cars have received strong endorsements by celebrities from Cameron Diaz to Dustin Hoffman. Running Cost Rating Running Cost Rating: Purchasing Cost Rating: Purchasing Cost Rating: Green Rating: Green Rating Pros: Electric cars are becoming increasingly more available. Pros: Hybrids are widely available and it is generally agreed that savings on running costs will make up for the high initial investment. Cons: Currently the initial costs are too high for most. Cons: High initial purchase cost. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Н Conventional fuel is carbon-based. Hydrogen- based fuel produces no greenhouse gases. Running Cost Rating Purchasing Cost Rating: Green Rating Pros: It has the potential to be the cleanest alternative fuel around. Cons: To start the cars will be very expensive and they are not yet commercially available. Dude, Where's My Solar Car? Alternative fuel enthusiasts have been waiting for a long time for a viable solar-powered car. Well, 2012 might be the year. The Antro Electric Car Solo is a solar-energy hybrid and will hopefully be on the market this year for 12,000 Euro. It can run 25km on solar energy alone and has measured top speeds of 140 km /h. Adding Up The Costs Alternative fuels are an exciting and developing sector. Green car owners are often the beneficiaries of lower insurance premiums (up to 5%), tax benefits and London Congestion Charge exemption. If you are thinking of buying a new car, make sure consult your car dealer carefully. The numbers of alternative fuel options are continually growing and some could actually save you money. Sources http 20124fuel-costs-hit-family-spending http http when-will-fossil-fuels-run-out.html http co2report http www.nextgreencar.competdiesel.php http sciencetecharticle-135134IRelief-pumps-Revolutionary-hydrogen-fuel-cost- just-90p-GALLON-run-existing-cars.html http environment 2012 jan 09 electric-cars-2012 http http www.nextgreencar.comelectric-carscar-costs.php http http 8396085How-to-run-a-car-on-cooking-oil-at-18p-a -litre.html http www.nextgreencar.comhybrid-carscar-costs.php http 20110lhow-many-celebrities-drive-a-prius http www.globalmarket.comsourcingtipsauto-parts-vehiclessolar-power-electric-car-coming-in-2012 -2208.html http www.gizmag.comgo7000 Produced by TM MoneySupermarket com ...... Feb 10 60 bny Aug 10 Feb 11 Aug 11 Feb 12 Aug 12

The Cost of Running your Car on Alternative Fuels

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Countries all around the world are targeted with lowering their carbon emissions and one way to do this is for us all to start driving 'green' cars. But how much does


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