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The Cost and Effects of the Oil Spill

ALABAMA MISSISSIPPI The Cost & Effects FLORIDA of the LOUISIANA bp OIL SPILL THE SPILL Since the April 20 Explosion, 210,000 gallons of oil (795,000 liters) have been gushing out into the ocean every day Amount Exxon Valdez spilled in 1989 at Prince William Sound 12 Million 11 10 8. Gallons of oil spilt (projected) 4. 3 Million 2 Million 1 Million 1 Million. June 8 June 15 June 22 May 18 May 25 June 1 April 27 May 4 May 11 April 20 A barrel of oil costs $86 $430,000 a day The BP oil rig is leaking That's 5,000 barrels a day (Before the spill, oil was at $83/barrel) x 1,000 11 people are already presumed dead floating away in Since the spill, BP's stock has lost a market value of the Ocean $25 Billion (and killing Cost to provide clean water to half a billion people in the world who need it birds in the How much Google makes in meantime) a year How much money BP has lost making the world's water dirtier $20 Billion $25 Billion $10Billion $15 Billion $5 Billion It's estimated that it will cost There are $300 million to plug the spill 42 gallons in a barrel x 100 million *That doesn't include cleanup. x 42 That would buy enough gasoline to drive a gas-guzzling SUV around the circumference of the earth 23 gallons become gasoline The rest becomes jet fuel, lubricant, diesel, and so on 60,237 times The United States uses 20 million barrels of oil a day Sources: NYTimes, Huffington Post, ABC News, CNet, FriendsOfWater

The Cost and Effects of the Oil Spill

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This infographic provides information for the BP oil spill. It shows the environmental and economic damage the oil spill has caused in the U.S.


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