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Composting 101 -- What's in, What's out?

Composting 101 What goes in? What Doesn't? Americans Produced 250 Million Tons of Trash in 2010 It Breaks Down Like this... Compostable Items Some Items Compostable Other Recyclables/Waste So, What?? This Means About Half of the Stuff You Throw Away is Compostable! Items You CAN Compost : "Green" Items (High Nitrogen Content) "Brown" Items (High Carbon Content) Shredded Paper/ Cardboard Fruits Coffee Grounds Dead and Filter/ Leaves Teabags Wood Chips/Bark/ Mulch/Old Top Soil Egg Shells Grass Clippings Cow/ Horse Veggies Manure Hay/Straw Other Good Stuff wool rags pine needles sawdust houseplants pet fur shredded newspaper cotton rags vacúum residuals nut shells Stop! Avoid these Items : Oo MILK Pet Waste/ Meats/Bones Dairy Products Cat Litter Fats/ Anything Olive Oil Oils/ Treated Grease/ with Lard Pesticides Coal/Charcoal Essential Tips: V Line the bottom of the compost bin with 4-8 inches of coarse brown materials. V Keep the compost moist. V Mix/Aerate the compost 2-3 times per week. Brought to you by: H hometown Dumpster Rental Simple & Affordable Dumpster Rental in Your Hometown Learn more Sources:,, fireplace ashes dryer lint

Composting 101 -- What's in, What's out?

shared by eitelj99 on Sep 28
Composting at home is an easy way to reduce waste and get some free organic fertilizer for your garden. It's important to know what's good for the compost pile and what's not.


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