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Cleanest Cities Around The World

CLEANEST CITIES AROUND THE WORLD EUROPE COPENHAGEN, DENMARK BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND 1,092,330 A 103.39 SQ. KY M. KA 579,513 33.28 SQ. M. 303,900 : 28.81 SQ. M. Copenhagen has been running a campaign to improve air quality for over 15 years now, and is a remarkably clean city! But their big dreams don't stop there, they aim to be carbon neutral by Birmingham is currently chopping, slashing and cutting down its CO, emissions around the city (Basically, like a CO, emission ninja...or something). By 2027, the city aims to reduce its 1990 Co, levels by a huge Many Brits will be surprised by this, but Nottingham actually won the 'Britain's Cleanest City' award recently. The city has numerous projects in place to combat litter and grafitti problems, and has a 90% success rate in cleaning it up in 48 hours of it being reported. Well played, Nottingham... well played. 2025! 60%. HELSINKI, FINLAND REYKJAVIK, ICELAND AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS 621,863 276.25 SQ. M 121,490 106 SQ. M. 813,562 84.68 SQ.M In Reykjavik, even businesses This Scandinavian city has been working towards a clean and sustainable future for some time There are propably quite a few night clubs that may not be the cleanest... but Amsterdam now, and many of its citizens travel by public transport or bicycle. Over the past decade, the industry emissions have decreased considerably, and the capital city aims to improve this promote cleanliness to their employees - many of them implement environmental policies and encourage the use of public transport, cycling and car pooling for commuting. With 92.5% of the city's homes being heated with geothermal energy, Reykjavik has the world's biggest direct heating system. certainly plays its part in reducing pollution in the area - the city is a cyclist haven. In fact, over 600,000 bikes can be found in the city. further. OSLO, NORWAY STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN BERN, SWITZERLAND KA KY 634,463 175.3 SQ. M 909,976 73 SQ. M 128,848 19.93 SQ. M Stockholm has an extremely Bern is ranked as one the top ten With no industry in Oslo, the city has fantastic air quality. There's also a waste management scheme in place, which is used to produce both fuel and electricity. clean future, as the city aims to be totally fossil fuel free by 2050! Even today, the city generates 60% of its energy from hydroelectric sources. It has even won the Green Capital award and was the first city in the EU to cities for the best quality of life, and its cleanliness certainly plays a part here. The city has a number of 'Clean The City' programs in place, that aim to minimalise pollution and keep the water as pure as possible. This means there are no landfills to be found. *high five Oslo* win! ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND ZURICH, SWITZERLAND 5,721 93.70 SQ. M 383, 708 33.93 SQ.M Zurich offers its citizens a range Despite ever-increasing traffic demands, Zermatt likes to keep it old school. Loads are actually of public transport options - including tram, bus, boat and train services. The city ensures transported throughout the city streets by manually steered electric carts or even horse carts! That's one way to reduce pollution! all services are clean and reliable, which makes the services very popular and results in a reducing level of pollution. USA + CANADA I•F CALGARY, CANADA OTTAWA, CANADA TORONTO, CANADA 1,096,833 825.29 SQ. M 883,391 1072.9 SQ.M 2,615,060 243.33 SQ.M Calgary has revamped its sanitation system in recent years Getting thirsty in this capital city is not a problem - Ottawa has remarkable water quality. In fact, in 2009, all 7 of the city's drink- With such an enormous number of people living in this city, pollution is always going to be a struggle right? Not for Toronto (you go, Toronto!). The city has actually reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% since 1990 and continues to improve each with the 'Too Good To Waste' program, which aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to ing water facilities scored 100% in the water quality test! This means that even tap water is of amazing quality. landfills. The city also has an incredible water filtration and purification system in place! year. VANCOUVER, CANADA HONOLULU, HAWAII AUSTIN, TEXAS USA 603,502 44.39 SQ. M 390,738 68.4 SQ. M 885,400 KA 271.8 SQ M This coastal city is currently working hard with a goal to Despite Hawaii being known for its constant volcanic smog, Honolulu actually remains unaffected by the volcanoes and the burning coal particles, and its citizens and visitors enjoy incredibly clean air! A true Hawaiian paradise - we're sure Austin is the cleanest city in Texas, and it wants it to remain this way for some time. The city is aiming to ensure that renewable energy meets 20% of the entire city's energy supply become the cleanest and greenest city in the world by 2020. It is already home to solar powered waste compactors, which can contain up to 5 times more waste than regular bins. The city also has the cleanest air quality in North America! needs by 2020. The city also has over 32 miles of bicycle trails to that the sunshine and cocktails promote cycling and reduce pollution. help too. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - USA MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - USA PORTLAND, OREGON - USA 2,719,000 234 SQ. M 382,578 58.4 SQ. M 609,456 KA 145.09 SQ. Chicago is known as quite an urban city, but it has recently planted over 2 million square feet of rooftop gardens throughout the city, which is more than you Minneapolis does an awful lot to keep the city clean. Graffiti is Portland isn't just the cleanest city in Oregon, but the USA! The electricity supply uses 33% renewable energy, which is the most in the USA, and over 25% of the workforce commute by bicycle or public transport, which hugely helps the pollution in the area! removed within 24 hours of it being reported. The city has also banned smoking in public, and 60% of the city's workforce travel to and from work using public transport! can find in all other US cities combined! SOUTH AMERICA AFRICA CURITIBA, BRAZIL BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA IFRANE, MOROCCO 1,764,540 166.4 SQ. M 7,878,783 613 SQ. M 40,104 This ski resort doesn't have any Curitiba actually rewards its citizens for helping to keep the city clean! Full bags of waste are exchanged for food or bus tokens, and children can help out too and swap the bags of waste for toys! The city has also planted over 1.5 million trees along its This capital city is home to almost 8 million people, which is a lot of people commuting and traveling throughout the city each day! Bogotá has an extremely efficient public transport system in place however, which encourages people to use these services instead of driving. industrial action, which means that citizens can enjoy largely unpolluted air and water day in and day out! roads. ASIA NEW DELHI INDIA KOBE, JAPAN TOKYO, JAPAN 1,545,410 KA 213.23 SQ. 13,350,000 A 844.66 SQ. 11,007,835 16.9 SQ. M Despite being home to over 11 million people, New Delhi does fantastically to keep the city clean. It has the lowest levels of Kobe has a system in place whereby the storm drainage system is a completely separate system to the sewage system, which helps to ensure that heavy With a population of over 13 million Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world. The city works works hard to keep it as clean and environmentally friendly as possible, and it has the lowest Co, emissions in the whole of CO2s emissions in India, and produces the least waste out of rainfall doesn't affect the waste all of the cities in the whole of treatment. There is also great infrustructure throughout the city, which results in less traffic pollution. Asia! Asia. SINGAPORE 5,469,700 277 SQ. M A little can go a long way, and Singapore is a prime example of this. The city has made chewing gum illegal (so beware, some citizens may not have the freshest breath...) and stickers are placed in all bathrooms ro remind everyone to flush the toilet and wash their hands. Small actions like this have helped to keep the city incredibly clean and tidy! OCEANIA ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND 4,757,083 KA 4775.2 SQ. 393,600 KA 171 SQ. M 1,291,666 705.4 SQ. M Adelaide is the 5th largest city in Australia, but they manage to keep in incredibly clean! There has been a huge increase in recycling efforts and waste Sydney might have the biggest population in Australia, but not many of these citizens are litter bugs! The city is also aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. Well, they've got to keep the Sydney Opera House white somehow! Over 33% of the Wellington citizens travel to and from work via the city's bus service! This hugely reduces air pollution in the area, and helps make it safe to take a big breath before you embark on a Monday morning at minimalisation here in recent years, and legislation has now been put in place to reduce the work! number of landfill sites around the city. sorted Find a cleaner, pay online, relax. SOURCES + REFERENCES Н.

Cleanest Cities Around The World

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