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Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and The Environment

CIGARETTE, E-CIGARETTE & THE ENVIRONMENT 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are depositted ANNUALLY across the world ! = 100 billion 135 million pounds of it being dumped in US Min 2005 California public agencies spend $41 million annually on cigarette litter cleanup takes a long time to degrade because it composed of cellulose acetate 1-10 yrs leach toxic chemicals lead, arsenic and nicotine toxic to aquatic ecosystems fish & freshwater micro-organisms 1 tree is destroyed, every 300 cigarettes produced. = 20 cigarettes EVERY YEAR IN BRAZIL, IT'S ESTIMATED THAT TOBACCO PRODUCTION CONSUMES THE WOOD OF 60 million Trees Every week' of vaping, you need to dispose its atomizer head. For pack a day smokers, that would mean 140 cigarette butts 2,52 *This is estimation of time it takes apack-a-day smoker to use a 30mL bottle of E-liquid. 10 mLofe-liquid equal to 5-7 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes nicotine in spent cartridge or wick is toxic, while other ingredients (PG, VG and food flavorings) only toxic in very substantial amounts atomizer head waste once per week, can be rinsed before disposing it to the trash MINIMIZING THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF VAPING Switch to e-cigarettes with re-usable components E-cigarettes with re-usable components usually comes with clearomizers or tanks that use replaceable coils and in particular rebuildable atomizers. Rinse the atomizer heads before disposing it This step is to remove any residual e-liquid on it. Disassemble the coil, recycle the plastic and metal housing After rinsing it, this step can be taken if you want to minimize the impact even further. Meaning only the wick and coil need to be placed in the ordinary trash. For rebuildable atomizers, wicks and coils are the only disposable parts, so there is hardly any waste at all. 4 Recycle e-liquid bottle E-liquid bottles are either composed of plastic or glass, and of course both can be easily recycled. Again, it's better to rinse the bottles out to remove any residual e-liquid before placing the bottles in the recycling. If your e-liquid is from Black Note, the cardboard tubes can be recycled along with your other cardboard recycling, but if you return five used tubes to us, we'll give you a 30 mL bottle of e-liquid for free. 6 Recycle the lithium battery You can use Call2Recycle's battery and cell-phone recycling locator to find something suitable in your area. This is the most important part of minimizing the environmental impact of your vaping, so make sure you find a responsible way to dispose of your batteries. The key lesson here is that as well as reducing the risk associated with your nicotine addiction, switching to e-cigarettes will also almost certainly reduce the damage you're doing to the environment too. There may be some unavoidable issues with obtaining the nicotine for e-liquid from tobacco and manufacturing devices, but as long as you recycle your used batteries and opt for re-usable components wherever possible, the impact on the environment will be absolutely minimal. SOURCE: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gow/pmc/articles/PMC3088407/ BLACK SOTE N.E BLACK NOTE

Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and The Environment

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It’s estimated that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are deposited annually across the world, and of course, these are non-biodegradable and contain toxic chemicals. Would the planet be better off if t...


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