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CHOOSE PRINT A Trees US Grown Renewable Crops One Tree Absorbs 48lbs of CO2/year Easily recyclable Jobs Over $140 Billion Industry Hundreds of Thousands of US based Jobs Metals Supports our Postal Service Without Printed Business Mail Postage would be too expensive to justify for Non-Renewable Rare Earth the consumer Elements are demising rapidly 4 Print Alternatives 35 Million Computers will wind up in the landfill this year. Recycling e-waste is difficult and hazardous. E-readers are the environmental imapct equivalent as producing 2 dozen books/year. Not taking in account the Rare Metals or Hazardous Waste Email Compromises computers and security with Malware, Viruses and Spyware. 62 Trillion Spam emails are sent each year producing the equivalent CO2 emissions as 1.6 6. million vehicles. CO. Data Centers The Top 5 Data Centers in the US use 104 Diesel Generators and 6 Rotary UPS CPS Systems. Interesting: The Lakeside Technology Center with 50 Diesel Gen- erators is a converted Printing Plant in 1999. It currently supports the Chicago Commodities Exchange. in 2005 there were more than 10.5 Million Data Centers in the US. Over 1 Billion 600 Million Encyclopedia Britannica's can be printed for One year worth of internet use. Sources: lamgreen, WordStream, Latitude Solutions, Wikibon, and contributing partners USA FIRST-CLASS FOREVER A FIRST-CLASS

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Don't believe the hype. Print is more green than you know. It is more environmentally friendly than that iPad or Kindle you use to read a eBook. Choose Print.




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