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Chart - things to compost

HOTBINS - 170 THINGS TO COMPOST Key: BioD = is it biodegradable; Rec'd Cold = recommended (or not, N/R) for cold heap, Rec'd hot = recommended for hot composting bin. Rate - how fast does it decompose (fast, medium, slow, very slow). Any tem that war a plant or animal will compot. How eary and practical each temis to comport dependa on many facton - eg what the waste is made from (ugan are easiaerto decompore than carbohydrates > proteina > fata/waxes >cellulose > lignin), size of pieces (mal decompore faterthan large). Warte is broken down farter at high temperature (X32 faater at 60C va. 10C). In an appopriate hot composting bin, you can compost ALL food warte without attracting rats and flies. Individually each item of food waste does nat make much comport, but collected weakly, a typical 4 penon house hold wil generate around 250 kgs of food warte. That is a couple of sacku of qualiy comport. Item Biod Rec'd Rec'd Rate Comments Cold Hot Hot 1 All food Yes YN Yes 2 Apples, apples pumice Yes Yes Yes Fast 3. Avocado stones (pits Yes Yes Yes Medium 4 Banana peek Yes Yes Yes Fast Bokashi digestate Yes Yes Yes Slow 6. Bones: chicken, duck, bird, fish Yes N/R Yes Slow OK to hot compost, chop large bones in half withsecateus 7. Bread Yes N/R Yes Fast 8 Broccoli, stalks, greerT Yes Yes Yes Medium Chop large pieces to less than 4cm Cakes, burs, patry Yes N/R Yes Fast 10 Cereak, bran, oats Yes N/R Y es Fasi 11 Cheese Yes N/R Yes Fast 12 Chips 13 Cockle & mussel shels Yes N/R Yes Fast Yes N/R Yes Slow Some can be veryslow to compost 14 Coffee grinds Yes Yes Yes Slow 15 Compostable baps Yes N/R YN Medium Preferablyshred, will take 1-3 months hot, +2 yeas in cold 16 Cooked fo od Yes N/R Yes Fast Yes in hot heap, no in cold heaps - it attracts rats and flies 17 Corn, corn on cob Yes Yes Yes Medium Ersure chopped up <4cm). 18 Crab & Lobstershels Yes N/R Yes Slow Some can be veryslow to compost 19 Detrosted funtrozentood NIR F st Must leavetodelrostand chop up 20 Dairy produch kard heee, burt ter 21 Dairy produh soft lyoghurt, milk Yes NIR Fast Ys N/R No Fast Watercontent to high to ettective hoat composting 22 EEhdb Fats &cooking oil Yes Yes Yes Sow N/R Medium Small quant ities rixed in, but nat 'half battle lads paM 24 Fish and chip lett lett oves Yes N/R Fast 25 Feh n'chip bo/pape NIR Medium Card and compcstalale trays, at polystyrene 26 Fish, skins, bons NIR Yes Fa st 27 Aur Yes Ys Fast Sprinde in, avoid large piles Fruits fapple, peas, peachs plums, manga, banaras, oranges, etc All fruits will compost. Stones/nuts takke longer. Seeokocitrus fruits ard wet tods for melon/water melon 28 29 Frezen facals 30 Citafitallemena. imEs erD. Lxhit, pumpkin Juice pulps (oonge, grapetruit} Yes N/R Medium Frazen tood take too much heattromthe hap Medium All c itrus truits will coampast. I. Avoid odding citrus fruit peel to wommeris Yes If adding pulp trom juicing - take extra core to add bulking ogent and baance excess water with shredded pape 31 OK as long as nat verynunny fie liquid Ensure chopped up (c4cml. No large bones 32 Lett overcury Yes N/R Ye Fast Mest, cooked meat NIR 33 Fast 34 Melons Fast Seeds likely tO survive cold cOmposting Nuts, stones, cheries, avocalo, pIus, piatadhie, ete 36 Oils, pam ail, dive oil 35 Ys Sow Can take many yeas in cda. Smash with hammerto deE 783se time N/R N/R Medium Small quant ities mixed in, but nat 'half bottle Iads 37 Onions Ys Ys Yes Fast Avoid adding to womeries Pasta Ys NIR Fast Piaa boes 40 Pinea pple 39 YE NIR Medium Mos up Yes The yellowtruit will compost tast. Ensure wD xy leovs and skin chopped Plate scrapings Ys N/R Fast All la its of foa let on plate con be hat composted 41 Ys Patatoes (peeings, whole green Fa st Chop whole patatos Ys Yes 43 Pudldings Ye NIR Fast 44 Pumpkin YE Yes Fast Seeds likely to survive cold composting 45 Rice, Cked Yes N/R Yes Fast 46 Roast chic ken/dluck corcos Yes NIR Yes Medium bans con be adied to HOTBIN 47 Salads (cUEumbe, lettuce, tomatos Yes Fast Ta ke core i loarge amounts - may need to adad shrealed paper Medium Soame take longerthan athes - depends on bag! Tea ba 19 Tormataes 48 Yes Yes Ys Yes Fast Seeds lkely tO survive cold composting Always cut up large vegetala les. break nuts wit h hammerto speed up copoting. 50 Lvegetable &peelings Yes Fa st Wuts & jualone 52 Water melon 51 NIR V Sow Ys Fast Seeds lkely to survive cold composting 53 Yogurt, mik Most thingrin tromo domartic gordan can ba compotad rith o itta COB Ond tima. It takar longarb braok rn Foody' mola rotr. Shradding thick tamr halpr boctario gat ta the ot digartibla calluka bahind tha protective bok Hor bng rood barad rartes taka ta decompara da pandr on tha siza oftha pia Gas ond rhathar the rood pup har be 'de-ligniled in the putping procarr. Whte popar ond comgotad codboord con ba hatcompautad quicky hle napoparcontoka monthu, mod chipr 9-36 monthr tree trukr 10-20 yeon. No Fast HOTBIN dos nat like excess water. best lett out 54 Wood badvaste Wood trated wih preervative V Sow 55 Yes Yes V Sow You need to take core- o CrSScheck the detaied FAQ but modem ajgosouoa o puo ajgapnBapoig aa sanLonasaud Cand: cenal packets, poperpates Cad: toilet rodls, kitchen rals Can take a long time in colad, shred when adding to hot Can take a long time in colad, shred when adding to hot Medium Can take a long time in cobl, shred when addling to hat. 56 Yes NIR Yes 57 Yes Yes slow 58 Comugated cadocod boxes Yes 59 Egg cartors (Pape! Ys Medium Elossy maine paper NIR Medium Can take a long time in cobl, shred when adaling to hot. Reead tull post as 60 this is pooly understood topic YIN No No Medium Mast laminates are plostic oraluminiumtoi and are not compostalale Newapaper Ys Yes NIR Sow Can be proalematic and ta ke long time - bst res yeled Paper Ys Yes Medium PrintelAoleT Rntel Yes NIR Medium Can take a long time in cobl, shred when adding to hot. Seæ tull post Savalust Yes Medium Can take a long time in coad. Toa much wil block airlovw Shoving Yes Yes Sow Can take a long time in cod. Too much wil block airlow Medium Shedded is surprisingly easy to compost. V Sow White office A4 paper Yes Yes Chop / shred 68 Waodytwigs and banches 69 Acelerator powders 70 Ataa Yes Yes Ys Yes Yes Fast Questiorab le value Ys Yes Medium 71 Aurturen leave Yes Can be hardto beak down - ado in smal lots each wee V Sow 72 BBa skewEs (nomally bamboo 73 ash Yes just wood! No NIR Contains potoash - good forsOme soils. Too much blocks air tow 74 briquettes/ mal No NIR NIR Charccal corlaon is god for sois - but nat big umps 75 biral teathers 76 bane meal tert liser Yes Sow Yes Fast Yes, con helpcomposting. V Sow Large = slowe. You really need to shred/chip 77 Yes Yes Medium Use to help achieve hot compasting 78 Chicken poo 79 Christmas tree Yes Ys YE Yes yes Sow Can take a long time in cold, shred when adding to hot 80 Coir - cOconut husk filare Couch grass V Sow Medium Reallyneeds hot to ensure all lait s gone Ta kes long time, but flore mixin 81 NIR 82 Diseased plants NIR Medium High temperature kills alisea sed vinus/bacteria 83 Deep ated dlandelion etc Medium 84 Fert liser (eg Ammenium sulphate) No Yes Fast Limited value, high cost Aowes, stems, dead heds raats Garden snails shelk 85 Yes Medium Ys Yes Ys Ys Ys Ys 86 V Sow Medium Grass is a large voume waste. It can be tricky in cold heap Medium Will alock airlow in a hat heap. Only the grass composts Medium Dostic weed kilers ore bicdegraded - check instructions Medium Shred waxy leaves 87 YIN YS No Yes 88 Grass sds 89 Grass with weed kille on Yes Yes 90 Green leovs YS YS Greens Ys Yes 92 Ground cove, nettles, etc Medium Medium SteTS of long meadowgrs ses (teds to be les stitt than straw Medium Dostic hebicideore bicdegraded. Check instructions Medium Domstic pesticides ore bicdegraded. Check instructions 93 Hay Yes 94 Herbicides Yes N/R 95 Herbicide peticidles NIR 96 Hurmatix Yes Medium Nat needed, but con be odded 97 Hyara gels (SAP, PAMI Can also be added to soil Medium Veralict still aut on hat compost ing. NIR Sow 98 Japanse knat weed 99 Lerlandii & coniter l.ב רמכלבמ מארinelca 100 101 Mom 102 Old compost NIR NIR Yes Ensure wel shnedded, add in small aOunts not one lorge bye No N{R N/R Nat biodegrad alale, Affects Ph - best lett out YS Yes Sow Ta kes ages - bst fed in oS SIall amount each week Yes Yes Sow Great as incculation - getting newwste started 103 Ot her non rative Eeok NIR Medium Seeds lkely to survive cold composting 104 Peat 105 Perite Yes Yes Medium Can add to soil Medium Damstic pesticids ore bicdegraded NIR NIR 106 Pesticiales 107 Pine cons & Pine needs NIR Yes Sow Seeds likely tO survive cold composting Medium High temperatures kil disease tungi 108 Plants with tungus on 109 Prunnings N{R Sow bettershredded 110 odynaRIE powders legaR Hunoiz 111 Ragwart 112 Rock dut volsanie duat Yes Fast Not needed, lout can lbe added Yes N/R Medium Reallyneed hat to avaid seeds geminating No No Question the reaan to addling smal rockpaticles to compost 113 ubarbstema & leaves 114 Seawed 115 Sail Yes Medium Medium Ensure salt vashed of. It seems cOunter intuit ive not to aid sol - but large thick sds or ayes prevent aention. You onlyneeda handful to inoculatea new heap. No No 116 Slugs and snais Medium Kinderto add when dead - hot uwil kils them Medium Sters of cereals, aried 117 Straw 118 Tuigs 119 Vemiculite Ys Yes Sow No Yes Can add to soil Medium Sater in hat compost. Seeds likely to suvive cod composting 120 Weeds - kandeion, bindweed, buttercup 121 Werh - horse tal, coch eram 122 WaxyleOVs (iv y laure, hally 123 Warms 124 Zeolite eat litter whitel Ys N{R N/R Medium Sater in hat compost. Seeds likely to suvive cod composting Yes Sow Chop up, do nat add thick layes, mix in Yes Yes No N/R NIR Can add to sail 125 bee & Wine 126 brown packoging tape 127 Carol NIR No Fast Alcohol is bicdegradoble. The 5% dos not justitythe 95% wate No No No Take core with canocod boe taped up No Medium Oil is bicdegradable - but used oil has metals from the engine block in and this shoull nat be added 128 Cat itter - paper 129 Celloptape (celulose ocetate) 130 ChrwineFUm N/R Medium No N/R Sow A plastie"that decompose! NIR Sow It is lbiodegradaale and compcstable poo4 pasoqpooM uapp9 rom the house

Chart - things to compost

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170 things - Do they compost? How quick, suitable for cold bin only or jsut hot bin?


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