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Celebrating the last 70 years of gardening

Bakker Spalding Celebrating YEARS OF GARDENING Garden Company 70% 1940- 1950 * Post-war Britaln stll * Local flower shows and speclallst plant societles thrive In popularlty. home to thousands of Victory gardens – former ornamental gardens and green areas are used to grow frult and vegetables to help with ratloning. * Gardening was a fun, free time activity for most men who split thelr time between their garden at home and thelr allotment. * There was a rise In the number of new houses belng bullt, whlch meant gardeners had a blank canvas to work from. 1950- 1960 * Crazy paving and rockerles are popular features In many gardens; an Innovative way of * Bedding schemes In bright colours are popular with greengrocers or Ironmongers selling them as small plants In trays. turning the lack of materlals avallable for gardeners Into something * Dedicated rose beds, arranged by aesthetically pleasing. colour, flourlsh. * People are Ilmited to gardening * Deckchalrs are a common reference books for type of garden furniture. help and advlce. 1970- ykNbo 1980 * More people than ever have access to a garden. * Gardens are seen as a place of relaxation rather than hard work. * Demand rises for blooms that provide quick results with con- tainer-grown plants. * There is a rise in TV shows and gardening magazines offering advice. * People start looking for low maintenance garden designs. * Garden centres emerge. *There are fewer vegetable patches, but they contain adventurous crops. 1990- 2000 * Organic gardening comes of age. * Decking becomes more popular than stone, brick or concrete for entertaining. * Gardens are seen as an extension of the * Houses and gardens get smaller. house, as outdoor space * Decorative fencing becomes more popular than privet hedges. for leisure becomes more important. ORGANIC 2000's * The average garden *Gardeners value the Size has shrunk wildlife that shares the garden and plant crops that attract and support to just 163.2m * People now spend between an average of 1-5 hours per week in their garden. natural life. * Garden sheds have evolved into attractive * 72% of people hideaways, outdoor turn to the internet offices and extensions for gardening help and advice. of the home. * Vegetables are used more ornamentally. : OO

Celebrating the last 70 years of gardening

shared by alexzazzle on Apr 19
From growing fruits and vegetables in post war Britain, to scouring the internet for tips on how to successfully keep your lawn properly maintained, gardening is as popular as ever but exists in a ver...



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