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CATALYST MAP QUESTS: PAIRING SKILLS WITH PROJECTS THAT NEED THEM Quests allow contributors to leverage the power of the mobile ready workforce to crowdsource solutions. Contributors can join and initiate quests. They can search, browse, receive notifications, and be recommended for quests by other contributors. Tracking the success of quests empowers quest makers and contributors. By sponsoring quests, businesses and organizations motivate experts from around the world to engage with sustainability challenges. Network Overview Questing View Project Profile Put it on the MAP Switzerland's heating grid The Zurich city council initiates a quest to install a carbon neutral heating grid. This is part of a nationwide campaign with European partners. The quest engages millions of contributors who are invited to help in different ways. Their reward is reputation and status. Their contribution is tracked and captured in data visualization. Net zero-energy buildings plan city wide goal for 2020. Networking over insulation $$ 59.000 bid for engineers to make four million cubic metres of ground usable on the 9.000 Honggerberg CampusRead More ETH Zurich - Energy research feld tests $ ETH Zurich engages in basic research founded on scientific findings and in problem solving research of lasting valueRead More Donate supplies for education and research Support ETH Zurich - Become a partner of ETH Zurich Foundation. Strengthen the co- operation with industry forRead More 200 Sort data on the MAP - SUPPORT EESHAE + FOLLOW Jesslen Slevere ***** OD Guests 7 La Straya ***** Google+ Find people Project view Switzerland's heating grid Live Apps (14) Furch projeda Net zero-energy buildings plan city FEATURED NEWS Profie Open Quests Comploted Qugsts Related Quests +1s View profile as. EPA delays pollution.rule for coal plants to December WASHINGTON Resters)- The US Environmental Protection . But the EPA, which has also been sued by environmental groups to finalize the. Serate bil would block EPA.regulation.of.coal.asb Ffa eg LPA delaya polution.ule for.coal plarts to Dec ete L tes ALP.DUK Overview These quests are seeking holp from people like you. Show Quests Closest to Your Loation Network Quesing Networking over insulation Tools $9,000 bid for engineers to make four million cubic metres of ground usable on the Hönggerberg Campus. Construction began in June behind the chemistry building on the Science City Campus, but below ground for once, not above ground. The plan is for 800 of these pipes to be located undemeath and alongside the Science City buildings by 2020. Together with other structural measures, these will enable energy to be managed on the campus with almost no CO2 emissions, as stipulated by the ETH Zurich Energy Strategy, Are you up for the job? Contact us if sol EPA to set rules on wastewater at natural-gas drilling sites Dely CometennerA Dety2 heuge WASHINGTON The Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to write new les on how energy companies dispose of wastewater 9.000 O Send an mal In Project Name 1 res 26 In-Depth: EPA to develop unconventional gas production wastewater nes esog ll dras nes for disposal of wastewater eneate Blog EPA saait Top environmental news atones from this week: 21st.October 2011 View al Begin Gat A t Lat dtaa- Batth Have Project Name 1 in circles (26) ETH Zurich - Energy research field tests 1 23456789 10 Next ETH Zurich engages in basic research founded on scienefic findings and in problem-solving research of lasting value. Anyone who is intorested in the research activities of ETH Zurich has the possibility of gaining Informa- tion in a targeted and systematic manner here. Furthermore, the the use of integrated communication functions, the platfomm enables users to make valuable contacts or to find co-operation partners. Website of ETH Zurich Research Database 800 FACEBOOK ACTIVITY Aiden Bordner Change who is visible here Danny Chung shared Motorola Droid RAZR hands- nde nT John McLemore shared Samsung and es ke Cream Sandwich H ve k on for the 19th Be O Yen Ming shared Steve Jobs in his habel Ger Donate supplies for education and research Support ETH Zurich – Become a partner of ETH Zurich Foundalion. Strengthen the co-operation with industry for the well-being of all of us. To axpand its Continental European leadership, to strengthen her excellence and to find an ideal surrounding fleld in the future, ETH Zurich needs your pho Mdemoce shared Samune teases next week's Unpacked," offersa momentary glance ata mysterious device. wets age Mark Junkunc and Yen Ming shared Andia's 35 tlet said to ship in October, do dreams really come te Lenard Faler oddns for your t Donate ceive $200 upforts. Ple ,books, or other research e alion abe t the bilities to become a partner of ETH Zurich Foundation and about current stra- tegic devalopment projects on the wabsite. Ae tte Lit - FLAG EE FOLLO Distributed entrepreneurship No one person can change the world. Catalyst MAP quests get your project to the crowd so that you can share ideas, organize work, and change the world collectively. Exploit the hive mind. Tap into the skills, interests, and passions of motivated people from about the world. Jesice vane Jessica has completed $$ Click hare to laam mere 000's a atraya has completed a quest! ***** 200 Clck here to leem more Sam Hardy has completed a quest Sem Hardy Cick hare te leam more 900 Get ready to change the world. There are millions of others waiting to play their part. All that they need is the infrastructure to make it happen. We have the tools that we need to construct this infrastructure. We have the talent and intelligence to make it a system people will want to use. Lord knows we have the motivation to get busy. So get started, before it's too late. Log on, converge, and SWARM. - Em ail: & Film: 6 Wiki: cotw-cc-wiki - Blog:

The Catalyst MAP

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There are over 20 million organizations working to improve life on this planet. For the most part, these organizations are not involved in any collaborative effort. This project seeks to change this. ...


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