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A Case for Increased Urban Food Production

A Case for Increased Urban Food Production With urban populations, and global food demand skyrocketing, it is imperative that new strategies be employed to meet our food consumption needs. % of Global Population Living in Urban Areas Value of U.S. Agricultural Imports 10 Billion T IMPORTS 9 Billion 1 FoodMiles 8 Billion 7 Billion 6 Billion 5 Billion 1960 | 32.8% 2008 | 50.8% 2050 | 70% 4 Billion To satisfy global demand, a 70% increase in food production will be required. 3 Billion Global Grain Production 3500 Projected Necessary GRAIN production Cereal demand will 2 Billion 3000 grow from 1 Billion 2500 2.1-3 Billion 2000 tonnes, annually through 2050. 1500 1000 500 Hunts Point is the largest food distribution center in the world. It is located in the Bronx, New York City U.S. Food Imports, 2010 1961 2012 2050 Projected Necessary MEAT production Global Meat Production Beverages 5.1mt Cereal/Bakery 84 mmt Meat production is projected to increase from 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 Only 4% of the $2.3 Billion sold at Hunts Point every year Meat + Ash 3.0 mmt Sugar 39 mmt comes from New York State Farm Animals 0 mmt 270 to 470 Million Vegetatiles 79 mmt tonnes by 2050. Vegetable Oils 4.8 mmt Fruit 10.6 mnt 1961 2012 2060 Additional Arable Land Needed to Feed the Global Population by 2050 1114 16% of the embodied energv in the tood system comes trom Packaging and Transportation. Increasing local production would help te dramatically reduce these contributions 130,392 tau 96% or the sales at Hunts Point come from elsewhere in the states or from an estimated 55 other coutmries Farm + Agribusiness Processing Wholesale + Trade Sources : United Nations, World Urbanization Prospects. "FAO Media Centre: 2050: A Third More Mouths to Feed." FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, for a World without Hunger. <http:/> Earth Policy Institute from U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Kling, Matthew, and lan Hough. The American Carbon Footprint: Understanding and Reducing Your Food's Impact on Climate Change, White Paper. Brighter Planet, 2010. Tables from Canning, Patrick, Ainsley Charles, Sonya Huang, Karen R. Polenske, and Arnold Waters. "Energy Use in the U.S. Food System." USDA Economic Research Service. Mar. 2010. Web. 27 Feb. 2012. <>. Global Agricultural Trade System. United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service. Web. <http://www.fas.usda.govigats/default.aspx>. Navarro, Mireya. "Push to Give Midsize Farms a Hub at a Bronx Market." New York Times. 24 Apr. 2012. 2012 Dollars

A Case for Increased Urban Food Production

shared by mparkin2 on May 01
This infographic is the second in a series that will make the case for a more sustainable food system for New York City. The project is being carried out by Terreform, Inc. and is called New York City...






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