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California by the Numbers

9550304166 4,552,000AF 273,246ac 15 182% O0.52% W1923 W52,651 100010110 229630 0.252525 750MW Z $1.939billion #0 CALIFORNIA 45°26036 AMILLIONAF 183 #BY THE # ALI4NIA, NUMBERS LO$6,900,000,000 o O152% 0,52 82,030,000af 81977š300485MW 41450mi 27SMW520,000 2814058 s3.299b 9002850,533 3650207MI $3,543,000,000 275MW 170 92024 DUDEK HEIGHT 14,494 ft (4,418m) 14,379 ft (4,383m) 14,252 ft (4,344m) 14,248 ft (4,343m) WHITNEY RANGE: SIERRA NEVADA MOUNT 14,179 ft (4,322m) WILLIAMSON SIERRA NEVADA MOUNT RANGE: WHITE RANGE: MOUNTAIN WHITE MOUTAINS PALISADE RANGE: NORTH CALIFORNIA'S TALLEST PEAKS SIERRA NEVADA SHASTA RANGE: MOUNT CASCADES Ten out of the twelve California "fourteeners," or peaks that exceed 14,000 feet in elevation, are located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST RESERVOIRS, 2 LAKE OROVILLE 100% 3,537,577 AF MAX BY ACRE-FEET OF STORAGE CAPACITY 60% 2.134,800 AF HIST AVG RESERVOIR MAP LEGEND: 42% HIST ANG 898.220 AF 2014 25% MAX MAX CAPACITY SURFACE AREA SHASTA LAKE 2014 CAPACITY SURFACE AREA" 100% 4,552,000 AF MAX SCALE: 2 MILES 59% 2,693,467 AF HIST AVG 39 HIST ANG 1.052,387 AF 2014 23% MAX 3 TRINITY LAKE 100 2,447,650 AF MAX 65% 1,588,035 AF HIST AVG 35 HST ANG 552,460 AF 2014 23 MAX Graphic representation based on 2014 percentage storage data as of Nov 19, 2014, SOURCE: CA Dept of Water Resources 1 acre-foot An acre-foot (AF) is defined as the volume of 1 acre of surface area to a depth of 1 foot. One AF equals approximately 325,900 US gallons and can serve a typical California household of 4 for one year. 1 ftIl s60 ft- LEGEND: CALIFORNIA'S SNOWIEST WINTERS WATER CONTENT OVER 200% WATER CONTENT UNDER 200% MEASURED SNOW DEPTH IN INCHES PERCENTAGE OF FULL-SEASON AVERAGE OF SNOWPACK WATER CONTENT & MAXIMUM SNOW DEPTH MEASURED BY APRIL 1 1952 1958 1969 1983 1995 2011 300% 300" 237% 224% 227% 200% 182% 200" 171% 171% 190" 184" 184" 179" 156" 100% 130" 100" O% 0" SOURCES: Snowpack data: CA Dept of Water Resources Snowfall datac USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - measured at Donner Summit As California suffers through a historic drought, the percentage of snowpack water content continues to fall: it was 52% in 2012, 42% in 2013, and in 2014 only 25%. One thousand megawatts (MW) of energy generated by photovoltaic solar cells will provide enough power for roughly 216,000 California homes for 1 year. CALIFORNIA'S MOST POWERFUL =1,0 MW RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS MCCOY SOLAR* 750 MW DESERT SUNLIGHT 550 MW IVANPAH SOLAR* BLYTHE SOLAR* 485 MW STATELINE SOLAR" CENTINELA SOLAR 370 MW 300 MW 275 MW OCOTILLO WIND* 315 MW SOURCES: US Bueau df Land Management Sola Ene Dudek has provided environmental compliance services that represent 2.5 gigawatts of energy. Projects marked with an asterisk (*) above are Dudek environmental compliance projects. eight utility-scale renewable energy projects in California CALIFORNIA'S STRONGEST EARTHQUAKES LONE PINE | 36°7-N:118°TW HERN COUNTY SAN FRANCISCO 35O43 N-120079 3 O JULY 21, 1952 452am A 73 MAGNITUDE 12 DEATHS FORT TEJON O MARCH 26, 1872 2:10am A 7.8 MAGNITUDE 16 25W DERS 34973 27 DEATHS O APRIL 18, 1906 5:12am A 7.8 MAGNITUDE 2 3,000+ DEATHS O JANUARY 9, 18578:20am A 7.9 MAGNITUDE O JUNE 28, 1992 457an O 73 MAGNITUDE 2 3 DEATHS A 2 DEATHS wire/spring nyk stylus, or pen - rotating drum vibrațion The first strong earthquake recorded in California history was experienced by Gaspar de Portola's expedition near Los Angeles in 1769. While the record is incomplete, experts speculate this was a rearthquake. SEISMOGRAPH 1,500 mi CALIFORNIA'SƆ LONGEST RIVERS 1,000 mi 500 mi "Total length includes portion outside Califomia 400 mi 300 mi 200 mi 100 mi 3 California river stream flows are updated every 1 to 4 hours by the U.S. Geological Survey at CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST STATE PARKS BY TOTAL ACREAGE ANNUAL VISITORS X 10,000 ANNUAL VISITORS o X 10,000 1 ANZA BORREGO 585,930 ACRES ANNUAL VISITORS X 10,000 2 HENRY W. COE 89,164 ACRES = 551,490 ANNUAL VISITORS X 10,000 3 MONO LAKE TUFA 55,300 ACRES = 489.190 ANNUAL VISITORS X 10,000 = 50.697 4 HUMBOLDT REDWOODS 52,651 ACRES = 437,865 5 OCOTILLO WELLS 50,533 ACRES = 299,557 SOURCE CA Dept of Parks and Recreation The California State Park system includes 280 parks, consisting of approximately 1.59 million acres, including over 339 miles of coastline; 974 miles of lake, reservoir, and river frontage; approximately 15,000 campsites; and 4,456 miles of nonmotorized trails. CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST WETLAND RESTORATION PROJECTS SOUTH BAY SALT POND ALAMEDA SAN MATEO| SANTA CLARA COUNTIES SKAGGS ISLAND NAPA SONOMA MARSH 14,657 ACRES SONOMA COUNTY (Construction in progress) NAPA | SONOMA COUNTIES 7,322 ACRES (Construction in progress) 4,166 ACRES (Construction in progress) SAN DIEGO WATERFRONT STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE SEARS POINT SAN DIEGO COUNTY 2,845 ACRES (Construction planned) SONOMA COUNTY 2,327 ACRES (Construction planned) Wetlands and stream channels are complex natural systems that offer habitat for wildlife to breed, eat, and shelter; provide flood protection; and maintain water quality. Project developments affecting wetlands are highly regulated in California. CALIFORNIA'S TOP AGRICULTURALO PRODUCTS/ 10 milk SOURCE: CA Dept of Food and Agriculture With 80,500 farms and ranches, California agriculture is a $42.6 billion dollar industry that generates at least $100 billion in related economic activity. WITCH CREEK FIRE OCT 2007 CALIFORNIA'SLARGEST WILDFIRES CAUSED BY POWERLINES O SAN DIEGO COUNTY O 197,990 ACRES 2 2 FATALITIES A 1,650 STRUCTURES MATILIJA FIRE SSEP 1932 CAUSE UNDETERMINED O VENTURA COUNTY A 220,000 ACRES 2 O FATALITIES A O STRUCTURES BY ACRES BURNED ZACA FIRE JUL 2007 CAUSED BY HUMANS O SANTA BARBARA COUNTY O 240,207 ACRES 2 O FATALITIES A 1 STRUCTURE RUSH FIRE AUG 2012 CEDAR FIRE OCT 2003 CAUSED BY LIGHTNING O LASSEN COUNTY A 271,911 ACRES CAUSED BY HUMANS O SAN DIEGO COUNTY A 280.278 ACRES RIM FIRE AUG 2013 2 O FATALITIES A O STRUCTURES 14 FATALITIES CAUSED BY HUMANS A 2,820 STRUCTURES O TUOLUMNE COUNTY A 280,278 ACRES 2 O FATALITIES A 112 STRUCTURES SOURCE: CalFire Each community's distinct environment determines fire risk and appropriate width for defensible space. Fuel modification should focus on dead and dying plants, highly flammable species, thick vegetation, and 'ladder' fuels that reach tree canopies. CALIFORNIA'S URBAN FORESTS LARGEST LOS ANGELES SAN JOSE = 100,000 TREES 242,000 ESTIMATED 2 MILLION ESTIMATED TREES TREES LONG BEACH 393,000 ESTIMATED TREES SAN DIEGO SACRAMENTO 150.000 ESTIMATED TREES 250,000 ESTIMATED TREES SOURCE City bata Managing an urban forest to meet long-term goals in a sustainable manner includes performing a forest-wide inventory of the trees' species, age, size, and health trends. CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST CONSERVATION AREAS 653.663 ACRES YOLO Natural Heritage Program NATURAL COMMUNITY CONSERVATION PLANS (NCCPS) 2 PLANNING PHASE O IMPLEMENTATION PHASE COACHELLA VALLEY Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan 564,270 ACRES BAY DELTA 947,075 Conservation Plat ACRES BUTTE Regional Conservation Plan 1,100,000 ACRES WESTERN RIVERSIDE Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan SAN DIEGO EAST COUNTY Multiple Species Conservation Plan 1,200,000 ACRES 1,600,000 ACRES 582,000 ACRES SAN DIEGO COUNTY Multiple Species Conservation Program* *Dudek Authership. "Dudek Participation. SOURCE CA Dept of Fish and Wildife, August 2014 California's NCCPS-standing alone or coupled with federal Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPS)-are an innovative effort to balance preservation and stewardship of the state's natural heritage with its growth, development, and infrastructure needs. All infographics designed by Todd Anderson | Art Director @ DUDEK LETTUCE $1.45 billion PIT : 207 mi GRAPES $4.45 billion SACRAMENTO : 447 NURSERY PLANTS $3.54 billion <<<<<< 4AA<<< WALNUTS $1.35 billion COLORADO : 1,450 mi* 3) MILK $6.9 billion SAN JOAQUIN : 365 mi CATTLE $3.3 billion ALMONDS $4.35 billion KLAMATH : 260 mi TOMATOES $1.17 billion STRAWBERRIES $1.2 billion HAY $1.23 billion

California by the Numbers

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This series of 12 infographics was created originally as a 2015 calendar for Dudek's clients. Dudek is a California-focused environmental firm with more than 300 planners, scientists, civil engineers,...





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