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Bringing the World Back to Zero

BRINGING THE WORLD BACK TO ZERO The worldwide carbon output is spinning out of control. Carbon emissions come from all sorts of things: our cars and trucks, industrial processes and even the commercial production of meat. What's worse, scientists blame these emissions for climate change and the overall pickle we humans are in! CO2 World carbon output 2010 31.78 BILLION metric tonnes' CO, roughly Cost to offset the world's carbon output for last year alone: $10 $317.8 BILLION per tonne of offset' $3.04 TRILLION Cost to offset the human carbon output from 2000-10: That's Equivalent To: 1,901,061 121,667 or Lamborghini Reventons, even though they only made 20. (at $1.6 million each)" Private islands. (at $25 million each) = 10,000 Lamborghini Reventons = 10,000 islands or 84.6% of Germany's 2011 GNP On more day-to-day terms, that's 1,789,234,352,941 2-liter bottles of Coca-Cola (at $1.70 each) " 252 2-liter bottles for every man, woman and child on the planet = 10,000,000 2-Liter bottles Cola Coca-Cola Coca 000 HOW BIG IS YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? CO2 CO2 Average carbon production of different types of HOUSEHOLDS: 1 person living alone in a large apartment building who is omnivorous produces A couple living in a detached 2-bedroom home who is omnivorous produce A family of four living in a detached 4-bedroom home who is omnivorous produces tons tons 12.5 tons 5.7 of Co,/yr of CO./yr of Co/yr Carbon production of GROUND TRAVEL: (figures based on a 10-year-old car driving 20,000 miles/yr) Hybrid Car Mid-size Car Full-size Car/Miniyan SUV Pickup Truck 3.7 9.1 10.0 11.1 11.8 tons tons tons tons tons of CO,/yr' of CO,/yr of CO,/yr of Co/yr of Co,/yr AIR TRAVEL: Short Flights (Roughly 800 Total Miles) Long Flights (Roughly 3,000 Total Miles) 0.7 . 2.5 tons tons of CO, of CO, DON'T LET THE NUMBERS SCARE YOU. THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! Carbon offsetting programs offer a solution that's easy to sign up for and can realistically decrease your impact on the environment. If every American pitched in just $1/month, we could pay to offset 374 million metric tonnes of CO2 each year! WHERE DO CARBON OFFSETS COME FROM? Making a difference in the world doesn't have to be inconvenient. It doesn't even have to be complicated. All you have to do is put your money where it counts - in carbon offsets. RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDITS (RECS): Renewable energy credits are a unit of measurement. They represent amounts of renewable energy that have been produced in lieu of energy produced with fossil fuels. Purchasing RECS is one way to offset the carbon output of your day-to-day energy use. CO, CARBON ABSORPTION MODELS: Carbon absorption programs are designed to actively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Introducing more plant life is one of the simplest carbon offset solutions, but there are other approaches as well. TRAPPING CARBON: - biogas Another method of dealing with greenhouse gases is trapping them for later use. This is particularly useful for methane which can be refined into a useable fuel. This process is called harvesting biogas. rubbish REFERENCES: 1. http// 2. 3. 4. 5. forsale start-18page-2&search-currency-USD&set-truedsort-price&type-&view_mode-grid 6. 7. http// 8. 9. http://www.fueleconomy gow/Yeg/ tactionesbsaid-19301 -the-average-cost-of-Coca-Cola-per-can-bottle-in-2010 http://www.census.gowlmain/www/pepclock.html

Bringing the World Back to Zero

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Catching a Glimpse of Humanity’s Global Impact What does it take to even out humanity’s impact on the world? In the past few years all sorts of carbon-related terms have become recognizable enoug...


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