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Breathing Life into Buildings with Natural Ventilation

Breathing life into buildings with natural ventila tion Ventilation in buildings is important because it provides occupants with a healthy and comfortable environment. Natural ventilation goes one step further, using the forces of wind and buoyancy to help air move naturally through a building, rather than using expensive, energy intensive fans to push air around. What is natural ventilation? hot air rises Ventilation driven by wind and! buoyancy SO use it! Why use natural ventilation? it's natural low cost healthy improved air qualit 60% less energy is used by naturally ventilated buildings low maintenance low energy so what's been stopping you? overheating Cold Draughts When it's lower than When it's warm outside naturally ventilated buildings can overheat if system is poorly designed 16°C outside, it's too cold to bring that air directly onto occupants + In schools, each child generates 65W of heat just sitting still... in a 30 person classroom, with lighting and typical IT equipment the total internal gains are the same as a 3kW electric fire! How does Breathing Buildings overcome these issues? Win ter In Summer As outdoor temperatures fall, windows are Fresh air enters through open windows cooling the space closed to prevent cold draughts Fresh cold The heated air enters at air is displaced upwards high level We mix the incoming cold fresh air with Air is exhausted at high level warm room air to pre-heat the air Extra heating isn't Mixing ventilation can cut your heating bills in half needed until outside This uses less energy temperatures are below 5°C than radiators Where can it be used? Natural ventilation can be used in most building types: ODDD 0 0 O 0 O O0 0O00 Apartments Offices Theatres Schools Hospitals Higher pass rates in maths & reading tests Student performance can increase by 5-10% with supply of more fresh air which natural Short-term absence can decrease by 35%, thanks to a doubling of fresh air supply which is free with natural ventilation! ventilation provides for free How can Breathing Buildings help? If you want a low energy building then we can help you stop blowing money out of the window 1. Design services 2. Product solutions 3. Installation support 4. Commissioning and user training 5. Service, maintenance, software upgrades and extended warranty 6. Monitoring Sources: Carbon Trust: fice_based_companies.pdf Breathing Buildings: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: b/vent-office.html BBuildings Breathing O OOO OD O

Breathing Life into Buildings with Natural Ventilation

shared by keith1988 on Jan 29
An infographic that looks at the environmental and cost benefits of natural ventilation for architects. Facts and figures included on the infographic highlight these key benefits, the potential reduct...


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