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BP Oil Spill Timeline

BP OIL, SPILL A Timeline Of Economic = LEAKING OIL (barrels) and Environmental Destruction INFO GRAPHIC WORLD BP plc (BP) Stock Market Quotes (in dollars) 60.48 60.09 59.55 59.88 57.91 56.33 57.34 50 52.56 52.15 51.20 50.99 50.33 50.19 49.06 48.75 48.74 45 48.10 48,50 46.87 46.57 45.38 45.27 43.86 45,38 40 44.58 42.56 42.95 42.41 41.86 39.27 35, 37.66 37.16 34.68 33.97 36.52 36.76 32.78 31.71 31.76 30.67 31.40 31.85 30.33 29.67 29.20 29.68 28.74 E MAY Ath JUNE APRIL 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 29th 30th Ist 2nd Brd Gth 9th 13th 18th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 281h 29th 30ch 2nd Brd 4th 20th 21st 23nd 5th BP: "the smallest of 3 leaks containment has been capped" 7th A 280,000lb 10th 12th BP 15th 17th 5th Admiral Allen: cap is capturing 1,000 barrels per day 7th White 10th Testimony before he "could oil recovery the Senate indicates there is not a single command and control hierarchy in the cleanup Ilth New Estimate : oil spill at 20,000 13th 15th Oil 17th 24nd 28th Sth Ilth BP, 16th 19th 31th BP plans to slice the leaking pipe, placing a cap on it, and channeling possible the oil to surface prosecutions ships Ist 6th Coast Guard & BP: "cap is capturing 10,000 Sth 9th BP 12th 4 inch deep oil hits Alabama beaches, Mobile Bay closed to fishing 14th BP: "We're able executives to collect 16th BP agrees Republican Joe Barton: 18th 19th 22nd US Judge BP removes BP begins live underwater video broadcasts of the leak "Top Kill": Government Increases estimate of the spill to 12,000 to 19,000 barrels per day BP has now spent $2 billion moratorium on the spill BP reports Oil sheen 1,000 Relief well drilling begins BP announces Transocean releases plan to use a 'top hat, and Junk shot to stop spill Tar balls arrive on beaches in Pensacola, Florida Deepwater BP proposes BP BP: containment methane is freezing inside dome, making it ineffective Oil washes ashore on mainland Louisiana Oil reported 36 miles NOAA estimates leak: 5,000 barrels per day Louisiana Oll reaches Governor Louisiana declares shores a state Obama he wishes increases 9:45 p.m. Coast Guard –≥eal admiral Construction BP: United Health BP's plan to force feed heavy drilling mud Top Kill has failed is raising new tube permanent is inserted into the pipe. Oil is pumped to another surface ship States attorney general announces plans to investigate advisories 6-month containment are posted along the blowout 33 miles of Florida beaches to fund lifts the a new House $50 billion to cover the spill costs CDT, Press Secretary Robert Gibb: "BP could be fined Horizon testifying a $20 billion "$20 billion before the House imply in their testimony that they have stronger safeguards than BP April 20th: Oil Rig Sinks seen and Haliburton officials testify before Congress, Independent video of leak to the public barreis a dome is lowered to 20,000 barrels fire BP CEO", wants to know whose covering riser begins escrow account shakedown", to help those affected by the spill is a cap on 580 square miles southeast of Louisiana 60,000- 80,000 Deepwater leaking dome to CBS: "No Oil on deepwater drilling Horizon Rig per day of Coast Guard: 8,000 barrels leaking per day Explodes per day barrels per day barrels per day by mid July apologizes to BP emergency preventer BP market value down $91 billion since spill began after an undersea collision. Oil Is Leaking" barrels per day" BP says it has paid $84 million reimbursing people for loss of income internal BP document states 5,250 feet blaming each other say spill is for the incident $4,300 "ass to kick" NOAA Administrator Officials: Lubchenco criminal Video spreads online of what is said to show evaporated oll raining down on Louisiana BP says it may defer its dividend estimates per barrel Obama: "Six-month moratorium on new deepwater oil drilling permits" flowing much larger than thought spilled" THE CAP This device channels the oil to surface ships worse case BP buys 32 of Kevin Costner's ol separating machines unobstructed BP CEO: "I would like scenario could be 100,000 barrels per day now "Cap is working, confirms that JPMorgan anticipates the cost to BP in fines, clean up costs and litigation will be $29 billion Fitch downgrades BP Bond credit rating six notches to BBB status Media reports that sea turtles are being Main leak approaching underwater my life 15,000 barrels per day oil plumes have been discovered back" Horizon Deepwater rig Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Media burned collapsed on ocean floor alive in BP's hype Smallest leak at the end of drill pipe was capped on May 5th surrounding possible BP Bankruptcy begins controlled burns THE SPILLING Drill pipe DRILL Main pipe 5 OIL FIELD

BP Oil Spill Timeline

shared by infographicworld on Aug 12
A visual look at the cause and affect that the oil spill has had on BP market value.


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