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Blood Diamonds on the High Street

BLOOD DIAMONDS "Most consumers still cannot be sure where their diamonds come from nor whether ON THE HIGH STREET they are financing armed violence. In November 2011, Zimbabwe was reinstated to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme despite evidence of human rights abuses in the production of its diamonds. Global Witness The Kimberley Process is the global certification scheme which aims to assure consumers their diamonds are 'conflict-free'. But the definition of 'conflict diamond' used by the Kimberley Process only covers diamonds funding rebel armies in areas of conflict. The Kimberley Process definition of 'conflict diamonds' does not cover violence by governments against their own people. Countries that participate in the Kimberley Process Countries that do not perticipate in the Kimberley Process At the hands of the Zimbabwe 200 army in Marange: Women and children have reportedly been forced to work in the mines, and local villagers beaten, tortured and forced to relocate. Marange MINERS KILLED diamond mines e in government takeover of Zimbabwe diamond fields in 2008 Yet, under the Kimberley Process, Zimbabwe diamonds have been certified conflict-free. $60,000,000 Corrupt Officials in Zimbabwe Lining their Pockets The Zimbabwe government owns at least 50% of all companies mining in Marange, 50% but millions of dollars are bypassing the Over $60 million (£38 million) of mining revenue suspected of funding President Mugabe's personal allies. Treasury according to analysts. Zimbabwe to Produce 10% of the World's Diamonds in 2012 The Kimberley Process is allowing conflict diamonds into Zimbabwe's Diamond Production Top Diamond Producers 2010 Production soars due to discovery of huge diamond deposits in Marange. Production expected to rise further still in 2012. Zimbabwe was the 7th largest producer of diamonds in 2010. the market. If your jeweller can't tell you where your diamond was mined, they can't guarantee it's conflict-free. carats 40m Russian Federation Botswana 9m 8.4m carats Congo (DCRI Canada Australia South Africa Zimbabwe Angola 08 09 04 05 06 10 Namibia Year Sierra Leone Produced by ingle & Rihode Sources development/2011dec0Skimberiey process globalwiness withdraws htpwww.nytimes com/201V1217wortahicaleperts-saydamondehelpmugabe coftws hti htp articlen timesotndia indiatimes.com2012-0204urat10ss,1ough damond-caatsmbada htpwwwstate govileueuc12191 hom htps.inberieyprocessstatitics orgbuble statistics htpww globaiwitness orgtbrarygiobalwtnessieaves kimberley orooess-calls-diamondrade-be hed-accountable c0 ukhewsworld-amice-14377215 htpaw nytimes.com01106Slworldiaticaimbabwe emi ukpanoramahurort pagehewsd ssocosse42 stm dianands-raben mugabe zmbabwa htpww diamonds.nathowsonatem.anpAncieiD342

Blood Diamonds on the High Street

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Throughout the world, the “Kimberley Process Certified” stamp of approval has been seen as a guarantee of a conflict-free past, offering consumers a standard with which to judge the ethical creden...


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