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Biting Insects Locations & Appearance

Biting Insects Locations & Appearence Appearance ! Bullet Ant Dangers Paraponera clavata Sting causes excruciating pain, said to feel like being impaled with a red-hot nail; sting is usually not life threatening. Nicaragua About long Location Large Mouth Part Appearance Mosquitos Culicidae Dangers color mostly gray to dark Of all insects, mosquitoes are probably the most harmful to people; transmit such serious diseases as malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis; malaria Worldwide Mostly 1/4" long proboscis Location long malaria causes 2.7 million deaths per year worldwide Appearance Fleas Dangers Siphonaptera color black to brownish-black Delivers a bite that causes painful itching and swelling; a few species are carriers of diseases, including bubonic plague, which was spread throughout Europe in the Middle Ages by fleas which had fed on Worldwide 1/12 infected rats. many bristles on body to 1/16 long Location Appearance Horse Flies Tabanidae color black withfine black Dangers Delivers a very painful, and often bloody, bite; female sucks blood from large mammals, particularly cattle, horses, mules and hogs Worldwide 3/4 long whitish or yellowish to 1-1/8" hair on thorax Location some animals become seriously weakened from repeated attacks and loss of blood Black Widow Appearance ! Dangers color shiny black Spider The female's venom is especially poisonous to people, but rarely fatal; sensitive individuals may experience increased body temperature and blood pressure, profuse sweating and nausea. Worldwide 1/8 red mark on underside of abdomen to 1/2 long Location Source Compiled By Dangerous.htm http://homelmprovementservices.

Biting Insects Locations & Appearance

shared by JaneKelly321 on Dec 07
This Infographic carries all the information about the dangers of biting insects.


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