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Bird Infestation in Malaysia

Rentokil Bird Infestation in Malaysia Birds are graceful creatures and essential to our eco-system, but when they enter human living and working spaces, they can become pests. The Experts in Pest Control Common pest birds found in Malaysia are pigeon, sparrow, starling and Crow Birds, like many other animals, are drawn to the Odour of their own waste, which encourage them to return Pigeons are one of the most intelligent birds and are able to undertake tasks previously thought only humans can perform Crows are as smart as an average 5 -7 years old child, and with a higher adaptability to Changes as needed BIRDS IMPACT ON HEALTH & SAFETY Cross Contamination • Birds host more than 60 transmittable fatal diseases, including Salmonellosis, Encephalitis and Cryptococcosis " • Birds found in production and storage facilities can contaminate food, inventory and equipment with their droppings Slip & Fall Accidents • Bird droppings can be a liability by creating slip and fall risks to pedestrians, customers and employees () Business owners who fail to prevent bird infestation may be prone to huge legal liabilities and consequently costly settlements " BIRDS IMPACT ON PROPERTIES Devalued Properties • Bird droppings contain uric acid that can decompose the integrity of a surface and devalue your properties ( • Birds cause tens of millions ringgit in damages to machinery, roofs and ventilation systems annually " Increased Cost of Maintenance 24 • Cleaning up after pest birds is a never-ending battle for many businesses • The costs of labour can total up quickly and can accumulate over time into thousands of ringgit CONSEQUENCES TO BUSINESS Bird Infestation Failed Tarnished Audit Reputation CLOSED Product Recall Business Closure PROFESSIONAL BIRD CONTROL SOLUTIONS Bird Point Deterrent Bird Net System The points prevent birds from roosting by gently pushing them off balance and forces them to alight The net forms a physical barrier that prevent birds from returning to their preferred nesting or roosting sites elsewhere Bird Gel Repellent The non-toxic, food grade ingredient gel creates an uncomfortable surface that discourages birds to land Sources: Cl hetpww.rachiorppest-bird-commercial-propertyhtm 1300 882 911 year ld chid a fed b kRAsra0140327/0ows-smanseven Copyright 2014O Rentokil Initial Malaysia. All rights reserved.

Bird Infestation in Malaysia

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Birds are graceful creatures and essential to our eco-system, but when they enter human's living and working spaces, they can become pests. Learn more about their behavioural biology here.


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