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Biophilic Design In Education

BIOPHILIC DESIGN IN EDUCATION WHAT IS BIOPHILIC DESIGN? Biophilia refers to the instinctive attraction humans feel toward nature. Biophilic design brings our love of nature into architectural and interior design by incorporating natural elements and shapes into the built environment. The benefits of biophilic design on our health and happiness have been well-documented. BENEFITS OF BIOPHILIC DESIGN IN SCHOOLS In K - 12 spaces, biophilic design can support increased attendance and academic performance, reduced stress and increased focus. biophilic%20design%2C%20students%20are,reduced%20stress%2C%20and%20increased%20focus In one study, 20% to 26% of K - 12 students learned faster in spaces that incorporate sunlight, and test scores increased 5% to 14%. Test scores dropped 17% when learning in classrooms without direct exposure to sunlight. Spaces4 design%2C%20students%20are,reduced% 20stress%2C%20and%20increased%20focus During a 2018 - 2019 study, the math test scores of students in the biophilic classroom were more than 3 times higher than those of students in the +% control classroom. АВС After 7 months in the biophilic classroom, 7.2% more students tested at grade level than the control classroom students. EASY WAYS TO INCORPORATE BIOPHILIC DESIGN INTO CLASSROOMS Select wall panels with graphics of trees and leaves, and install rugs and wall coverings with natural textures, colors and patterns. Bring in natural lighting as much as possible; open blinds and provide access to natural, tree-filled views, if possible. Build outdoor learning areas, gardens and natural habitats Use LED lights that adjust during the day to mimic the sky. Add a variety of green plants to the classroom. Decorate with blues, yellow and greens to evoke nature. Place desks near windows; remove light- blocking structures. Add soft seating elements to some areas of the room. Choose curvy, winding forms over geometric shapes and use wall dividers to create small, cozy Replace plastic structures and furniture with wooden ones, and fill the room with calming wood and stone elements. areas in open rooms. IWF INTERNATIONAL WOODWORKING FAIR" ATLANTA wwW.IWFATLANTA.COM Sources: Demcolnterors com/blog/blophlik-leaming-environments | 16907-blophlle-derlgn-beneſitr-students-even-In-schools-with-tight-budgets Worthingtondirect.Cmecofriendly-fumiture/the-benefits-ofblephile-dentgn-in-educztional-spaces| ............ ...... ...........•.

Biophilic Design In Education

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Biophilic Design - instinctive attraction towards nature into architectural design




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