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The Benefits of Going Green

The Benefits of r Going Green Purchasing Eco-Friendly products needfor rawmaterials emissions greenhouse of gases reduces skir eye Products are rapidly produced and discarded. We need to attempt to switch to alternatives to prevent pollution and toxins from builing up, and to sustain the recycling industry. This will prevent a shortage of evergy and resources from occuring. amount respiratory mtations WASTE in LANDFILLS conserve Senergy will not upset ecological balance Cootprint tri minimizes Footprint ime Imaast of pollution& alternatives & toxiamio, of arbon arpon carpo Oxins & toxins pollut improves pollution& SUIXO? toxins on & 2 arbon Eootprht Carbon Footpriht quality of the air we Footpri breathe phnt on „Oxins nnod suxO & Pollution Pollution Saon FOotprint & toxins Facts where each bottle = i million pounds more than 32 million pounds Green products are less likely to be poisonous or cause lasting damage, so they're safer to keep around children & pets of cleaning products are discarded down the drain every day The toxlc chemicals present in household cleaning products can end up in lakes or streams green electronic products use less electricity or water, so they will save you money on utility bills and polson fish and wildlife Companies Going GREEN Trees in Trust Greenline Paper Company Restores as much native forest as possible and allows people to secure small pieces of land One of the largest producers in recycled paper products The Green Products Company Seventh Generation Produces Eco-Friendly Deveolops & sells household, personal care and baby products costruction materials Green Starfish, Inc. Pacific Gas 8 Electric Company Produces 100% biodegradable, disposable tableware Uses waste from cows to generate electricity Green, or Eco-Friendly products to consider household toilet cleaner glass cleaner laundry soap dishwashing liquid reusable shopping pet supplies leave-in conditioner the whole family bath gel shampoo ear wash shampoo stain & odor remover bath wipes collars moisturizer bar soap clothes totes clothes hangers food packaging paper towels napkins electronics diapers bibs toys hair repair shave gel mouthwash lipcare toys beds water bowls Don't forgetl Choose products with Green Seal approval or Energy Star brands the arbor tprin ERotbrint when of Pollution toxins pollution Pollution toxins fo alternatives Poll toxins & alternatives pollution Oxins

The Benefits of Going Green

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benefits of eco friendly products, hazards to us without them, list of eco friendly products, some green companies


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