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Being Green Isn't Easy

BEING GREEN ISN'T EASY even for young people Millennials are the most environmentally educated generation to date, but they are actually the least environmentally engaged. A 2010 Eco Pulse study by the Shelton Group that surveyed 1,000 young American adults found that Millennials' environmental behavior isn't all bad. In a longitudinal study by the American Psychological Association that polled more than 9 million young American adults between 1966 to 2009 there was a significant decrease found in care for the environment. the Good the Bad global warming whatev. The desire to save ganic the environment, an area believed to be of particular interest to Millennials, showed some of the largest declines. Millennials are more likely to be talking about energy and water conservation, preservatives and chemicals in food, global warming and volatile organic compounds. Millennials are three times more likely than Baby Boomers to say they make no personal effort to help the environment. who me? They' re much more likely than the overall population to be carpooling, riding public transportation and biking/walking Becoming involved in 20% programs to clean up the environment decreased 20 percent for young people in the last 40 years. CARE! Green product They are buying green products in categories like furniture, baby products, cars, food and beverages. I kind of care.! ..not They're more likely than the overall population to give money to environmental causes than the overall population. interested Treaty The study results were linear: Boomers cared more than TO LIMIT GREENHOUSE GAS They're more likely to support the U.S. signing a treaty to limit greenhouse gas emissions, even if it raises their energy bills. Gen Xers, and Gen Xers cared more than Millennials. EMISSIONS diacrialy. "So we're seeing that Millennials green attitudes are currently outstripping their green behaviors, but expect to see this change as these young adults begin earning more money as they start their careers and build households." "At base, I think a lot of it is we are just not willing to make sacrifices in the way previous generations may have been better at doing." - Jean Twenge An author of Generational Differences in Young Adults Life Goals, Concern for Others and Civic Orientation - Karen Barnes Green Biz P POLITICALFIBER Graphic by Ben Pirotte Research by Julie Louvau SOURCES: "Summary of findings from the 2010 EcoPulse Study by The Shelton Group and American Psychological Association's 2012 study, Generational Differences in Young Adults Life Goals, Concem for Others and Civic Orientation."" in order of caring less

Being Green Isn't Easy

shared by bpirotte on Dec 23
A graphic discussing attitudes and trends of young people toward the environment.


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