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Arctic dragon expedition

DRAGON on a mission GOALS OF CHINA'S 6TH ARCTIC EXPEDITION 1. Scientists will collect information about the water, ice and atmosphere in the Arctic Ocean. KEY EVENTS OF CHINA'S ARCTIC EXPEDITIONS On July 2, 2012 Xuelong took 119 scientists on China's fifth Arctic expedition lasting 93 days. It was the first time that Xuelong sailed through the Arctic via the Northern Sea Route. SIN 2. Studies will be conduct ed to evaluate similarities in the impact of climate change in the Arctic and in China July 1 to Sept 20, 2010 China's fourth Arctic expedition. First time a helicopter was carried on board. From July 11 to Sept 24, 2008 122 scientists took Xuelong on the country's third Arctic expedition. 3. Analyze the magnetic anomalies in the Canada Basin. CHINA HAS ONE ARCTIC RESEARCH STATION, Yellow River Station, located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. The 500-square-meter station, established on July 28, 2004, is a two-story building that can accommodate fewer than 25 people. llo 4. Assess the environmental pollution situation in the Arctic. On July 15, 2003 set sail to the Arctic on the country's second Arctic expedition to study the link between the Arctic and climate Xuelong 5. Get marine animal change. The ship returned to Shanghai on Sept 23. 2003. samples and investigate the biodiversity in the Arctic and its influence on the planet. On July 1, 1999 57 Chinese scientists started their maiden voyage to the Arctic. Xuelong. China's only icebreaker, sailed for 14,180 nautical miles (26.261 kilometers) during the 71-day expedition. ROUTE OF 6TH ARCTIC EXPEDITION ARCTIC OCEAN END CANADA BASIN A NEW XUELONG CHUKCHI SEA BEING BUILT Will have two helicopters BERING STRAT RUSSIA 122.5 meters 580 mm Width: 20,00 22.3 meters Maximum Draught: nautical miles laboratory area 9.0 meters (37,040 kilometers) START BERING SEA Top speed: endurance 15 knots (28 kilometers per hour) 90 1,500 Icebreaking capacity: 1.5-meter-deep ice plus 0.2-meter-deep snow metric tons cargo carrying capacity PACIFIC OCEAN passenger capacity GUILLERMO MUNRO7 CHINA DAILY Source: The Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration

Arctic dragon expedition

shared by memuco on Aug 14
The snow dragon at it again after an eventful last trip to the antarctic now it heads up north


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